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復仇的灰姑娘~想奪走的是心還是靈魂呢 Mod Mod APK
  • Date:2020-02-08
  • OS:4.1 and up
  • Category:Simulation
  • Version:1
  • Size:59.09 MB
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Modify the use of props unabated.

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In a big house, there is a poor girl living.

Her name is Cinderella.

Every day, Cinderella is covered with dust and she is doing housework at home until dawn.
There is no tear in the tears. "I used to be strong, Cinderella's story."

When Cinderella was very young, her mother was gone.
A very quiet girl who has always lived with her father and a small number of workers.
one day,
Cinderella got a new mother and two sisters.
However, the joy of getting a new family has also disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Because stepmother and sister, they all began to bully Cinderella.

Cinderella who lives sadly and painfully every day.
I don't know when I started, I began to hate the stepmothers.
At that time, a witch appeared.
"Do you want me to help you revenge?"
The witch said to Cinderella.

Strong Cinderella begins to change... Revenge is a fantasy game!
With the magic of revenge, everyone will change Cinderella together!

[What does it mean to make Cinderella perfect? 】
In order to make the change of Cinderella,
It takes a lot of effort!
For whatever reason, "self-growth" is also necessary for girls!
As long as you work hard, you can become a completely different revenge Cinderella is not necessarily embarrassing!

[Cinderella will change when you click on an item...! 】
Click on the item in the picture to save the experience value.
Everyone can see that Cinderella in the picture changes slowly.

[Addictive? Very cute debut character]
"Why seems to be different from the Cinderella story I know?"
Everyone must also look at the interactions of these people with strong personalities!

[Cinderella that changes according to the choice]
"The Cinderella will actually be like this!"
There are 3 amazing endings.
Please be sure to complete all Cinderella endings!

[Debut characters]
Unknown beauty witch
a little weak prince
Bad-hearted stepmother & sisters

Breeding, characters, fantasy, placing games, stories
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