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The game starts with your developing fetus as the player watches the game play itself. The game consists of watching your baby develop for nine months. Baby cells grant more every time they grow. As it grows, you earn more bits of cells more quickly. Advertisement Buying additional content or using premium currency are alternative methods of obtaining more cells in the game. You can access a shop to purchase additional content or alternate options if you choose. Additional educational tools come with the game, such as outfits that allow you to see the baby's parents. Plus, you can purchase additional cells or view other aspects of the baby.


Images aren’t overly realistic; they are just enough for viewers to comprehend what’s taking place. Everything is presented in 3D with HD graphics so people can appreciate the fetus growing even more. Anyone who chooses to play the game will encounter a fascinating sight.

Download the 9 Months mod to begin a new life.

In this game, you can trust the facts as scientific developments are presented in every stage. Observe firsthand the changes made to a baby through the 9 months of their life. 9 Months helps you remember what giving birth to a child would feel like by providing in-depth details. It's the same as reading a novel written from the perspective of a new born baby. Every human being has gone through this experience before, but can't remember it afterward. Since 9 Months is based on scientific data and proven theories, players understand the womb process better through its child-like memories.

Increase understanding.

School lessons can be difficult to fully understand. Because of this, many people give up when these long, theoretical passages start to bore them. Instead of boring visuals, 9 Months conveniently replaces these dull lessons with something more entertaining. The game was created based on reality, which makes it easier to understand why you’d get high marks on tests if you complete 9 Months. Currently, the game has over a hundred thousand reviews with a positive tone. It's encouraging that the students continue to sit on school chairs well into their maturity. This demonstrates the value of young minds as they grow.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Ideally, you’d like your child to naturally be either male or female. That way they can be appreciated as the creator intended. Newborn babies need caring for and changing diapers. This is a difficult time for any parent because the baby isn’t conscious yet.


9 Months provides an in-depth look at pregnancy development through its most accurate game mode. The game showcases the stages of development a baby goes through throughout their entire pregnancy. Case studies from Google Play can provide additional insight into the quality of 9 Months. Players provided reviews to discuss their amazement at the game and can be found by searching on the service. The 9 Months mod for The Walking Dead: Our World provides players with access to in-game study material. The game’s original release included challenges meant to help players understand their past and the growth of their unborn child.

Show about nine months of content in about 9 Months.

Nature's mysterious and holy gift!

People are given life by nature.

It is a miracle of the creator that babies grow in the womb. They first cry, causing people to eye them with surprise and bewilderment. Then, they blink as their first act of self-realization. Babies have formed in the womb for 9 months and 10 days before being born. This is a happy gift of the spiritual world that has given birth to a new life. Discover the miracle of life by playing a game with an iconic name: 9 Months. This is an educational game about how a child is created in the womb. It's a little bit curious, but even if you just want to learn, this game is for you.

The game is based on whatever the player sees on the screen.

Each time an instruction appears on the screen, just tap, select or click the item required to finish the task. Most people won't have to think much when completing this game. However, they should monitor what happens during the course of the story and any other significant events. There are three stages to 9 Months: Baby Growth Stage, Postpartum Stage and Fetal Stage. Each of these stages has its own indicators and indicators panel on the control screen. These appear on the left side of the screen for example, when viewing a fetus inside a pregnant mother. In this case, they are represented by the words “Max Level” and “Refill Speed.” Max level increases the baby's growth rate. The fast refill option increases the baby's nutritional level. Below this is a GROW icon. Pressing it will provide the baby with the necessary nutrients to grow. The top left corner contains the Cells column, which displays the fetus' cell growth. This information fluctuates as the fetus grows and develops. For example, during the first 3 months of pregnancy and the final 3 months, the fetus needs more nutrients— both in quality and quantity — than any other time. You can change the indicators as your child grows up. This will change the way you care for your baby. The indicators include Family, Babies, Weight and Height. As your baby grows week by week, you can choose between two or three options for them to grow in.

Keep an eye out for new developments as each new stage is reached.

In addition to the Facts part's information, a special gift awaits the player in the Play part: a light gray background with a strip of text that displays a range of facts about pregnancy and childbirth. These facts appear at random and pop up anywhere on the screen. For example, The longest human pregnancy record is 365 days or Since the formation, the baby in the amniotic sac has heard sounds outside, etc.

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