Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef Mod Info

Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef is the ultimate cooking game for all food lovers out there.
With the latest v1.55.0 mod, players can enjoy an even better experience by using diamonds to buy unlimited love and get a lot of gold coins.
These gold coins can then be used to refresh the gold coin value, making it easier for players to upgrade their restaurants and cooking equipment.
The game features a wide variety of Asian cuisines, from Japanese sushi to Thai curry and Chinese dim sum.
Players can also unlock new dishes, ingredients, and cooking techniques as they progress through the game.
In addition to cooking, players can also design their own restaurant, with the option to choose from different themes and decor.
They can even hire staff, manage finances, and compete in cooking competitions against other players.
Overall, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef is a fun and engaging game that combines cooking and management elements.