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Destiny: Romance Stories

Mod APK Free purchase

Destiny: Romance Stories Mod Mod APK Free purchase
  • Date:2022-08-20
  • OS:
  • Category:Simulation
  • Version:2.0.2
  • Size:65.53 MB
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App Details
Welcome to Destiny: Romance Stories,
Choose hours of fun with this great interactive story game.

This is a game where you control the progress of the story! Make your destiny-affecting choices and arrive at different endings. Only you can lead your own story!

Do you still believe in true love?
Immerse yourself in the rich collection of romantic stories here! Whether you enjoy drama, romance, horror or suspense, in Destiny, you can find your taste and love!

Who will be your Mr. Right?
A young and handsome billionaire or a notorious playboy? Even vampires and demons if you dare!

What kind of life do you want to live?
Want to be part of high society? You can dress up in luxurious outfits and fall in love with celebrities.
Or pursue your dream and make it happen? Be a journalist and strip the case down until the truth becomes known.
Or just explore a brand new world and start an amazing adventure! Dive underwater to see magical creatures. Let the story take you to places you have not even dreamed of!

Are you ready to start your amazing journey and fall in love?

Why do you wanna choose Destiny?
- Romance game for girls
If you are addicted to love stories and romantic novels, this is the game for you!
- Control the story with your choices
Every choice matters in the story!
- Customize your avatar
Dress the main character in your favorite styles!
- Develop relationships with characters
Will you be friends, rivals, or lovers?
- Experience different lives you have never imagined
Explore strange new worlds in various stories.
- Update stories and chapters constantly
Surprises are waiting for you every time you start reading!

My Dark Prince:
Your life turns upside down after you're forced to move in with a mysterious yet devilishly handsome billionaire. But what if he's not just a man but the Prince of Hell himself? However, things aren't always what they seem. Can you handle the heat?

Something Wicked:
Being a private investigator is a dangerous job, and you've escaped death more than once, thanks to a guardian angel watching over you. But when you take on a job investigating a strange death in a small town, you're plunged into a supernatural world of werewolves and vampires...

A free upgrade to a First Class leads you to the new episode of your life. When you cross paths with a hot and handsome heir of a billionaire on the plane, you never anticipate what lies in front of you! But what happens when a charming entrepreneur who is also the rival of your company complicates things even more?

For more intriguing love stories, check out the following ones:

The Billionaire's Angel:
Just before the first day of your new job, you met a gorgeous stranger who invites you to have a wonderful night. Nothing special, right? But what happens when you come to the office the next day and find out that the man you met last night is the CEO of the company... and your boss?!

As a wealthy socialite you've always been pressured to marry someone from your own class. But what happens when a charming construction worker catches your eye? Are you ready to break free from the rules and get a little dirty?

Have you ever imagined the plot for Ghost happens to you? That's what your life is like after you move into an apartment bought at a low price. A handsome "ghost" in your apartment fulfills your dreams. But when a living, breathing, and absolutely good-looking doctor, Evan, shows up with a shocking revelation, what will you do?

Download Destiny: Romance Stories to discover your story, and enjoy hours of fun now!

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Tips: Sometimes internet connection is required.
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