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The game Dreamdale – Fairy Adventure takes place in the fantasy world of fairies. Players can choose to play as a boy or girl fairy in this online game; it's set in the Dreamdale forest. Players can collect Dreamdust to use as power-ups for their characters or to buy new equipment for them. Additionally, players can also use Dreamdust to buy new clothes for their fairy. The game also features a number of mini-games that players can complete to earn additional Dreamdust. The game is enjoyable for players of all ages and is considered charming.


Looking for a fun and enchanting adventure game? Consider downloading Dreamdale – Fairy Adventure. This app offers hours and hours of entertainment with its visually appealing levels, lovable characters and challenging gameplay. Start downloading Dreamdale MOD APK right away!

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You don't need to know a lot about Dreamdales' operation to use it. Just move the character around on the right side of the screen to change their direction. When on an investigative mission, you'll encounter enemies blocking your way. Players can shoot arrows and firearms at their opponents by touching their characters. After navigating a labyrinth composed of wooden crates, fire fields and thorn hedges, players must confront their enemies in an arena. To do so, they must open a stone door with a gray background— the only way to pass the game. Players can access other game modes through the game screen when they first enter the fight.

Visit the island in the middle of the desert.

The Dreamdale islands vary greatly in both topography and climate. Each island presents players with a specific challenge requiring them to pursue different interests to uncover it. The islands are covered with a thick layer of snow. The trees on the island are made from bamboo, sugar cane, or other hardwood trees. For building materials, people use cane, wood and stone. The houses use building material from these trees as well. Additionally, this island has some green grass and dark gray separating walls. Bones of the island’s animals litter the earth. A few dead trees jut from the island, bearing withering branches. Large and small rocks stud the island in equal measure.


When the player finishes removing obstacles such as rocks and puddles, it's time to construct the island with the gathered materials. If a vacant lot is ready for construction, a yellow arrow will appear on the screen. The brown square plots are optional; they appear when the player clicks the arrow next to them. In addition to this, this area requires more building supplies: more brown squares appear when the arrow is clicked. Obtain purple arrows when mining or constructing. Planting produce, such as corn, eggplant and tomatoes, requires these arrows. Add them to the upper energy bar to complete an island.


A mysterious castle sits atop a large golden hill. The queen and king of this castle reside within, but their attendants present a threat to them. Before undertaking the challenge, you’ll need to assume the persona of a skillful swordsman with superior abilities. While traveling through the game, grab any weapons that come across your path. Use them to fight off the evil youkai monster and the minions he commands. Clearing the area and fighting against the dragons is even more daunting when backed by the power of Bows. Gray uniforms worn by blue, white and red dragon-like creatures house sharp fanged descendants. Fly with practice, and use your combat training to dispatch these challenging beasts. In order to change your role in a new area, you need to change your costume. From woodcutting to blacksmithing, many jobs require different outfits. For example, many bricklayers wear brown suits and use shovels or picks. The hero rides a pink pig wearing a cape and green jumpsuit with brown belt. He wears a brown bag on his back. Discover new and exciting islands by downloading the Dreamdale mod. Alternatively, choose a red long-sleeved T-shirt with blue jeans for an original outfit.

Become a Superhero.

In order to become a heroic powerhouse worthy of conquering Dreamdale, the most important traits a player must possess are skills needed to become an almighty hero. When starting their journey to conquer the game, players will encounter the first challenges in the forest. To complete this adventure, you need to complete the group quest. This involves clearing land to expand it and planting seeds. Additionally, you need to cut down trees to complete the quest.

Use the weapons given in the game.

In order to fight the monsters, players need to find equipment in the weapon collection. They can choose to use an item or not; this decision will determine which monster they’ll face next. Additional rewards for fully completing the game include massive treasure troves. This is because the game’s goal is to win against dragons and monsters using only weapons, armor, bows and helmets.

Being close to great friends

Continuing your journey toward building a base at Dreamdale, each story grants you new benefits, more experience and new friends. As a result of the war ending, you're granted hundreds more bonuses. Any challenge your group faces calls for cooperation with other players. This is when you meet new friends through the incredible social possibilities of Journey. Make this journey happen by going anywhere you want with anyone you choose.


When dreamvaders explore the world of heroes, they can do any job on their own. By choosing jobs ahead of time, dreamdale participants have time to prepare. To succeed as a farmer with an ax and a hammer, players need the help of their community. Our arsenal of weapons helps us achieve a record of killing monsters. Rewards then followwhen you complete all tasks for the day.

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