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Jam City Inc. comes up with a new game each time they're challenged. This is one of their releases. You can expect many hilarious and entertaining moments when you play the game. There are lots of aspects to explore; some of these are listed below. There's no charge for this game; it's completely free. Customize your Quahog to match your personal style by decorating it with art. You can collect different outfits that provide hilarious appearances for your video game characters. This includes Mermaid Peter, Rambo Lois, and Bikini-Clad Quagmire. Gain awesome prizes by completing quests based on Family Guy characters. Defend Quahog from pirates, evil chickens and other invaders. Peterfy your town by using Peterdactyl, Hindenpeter and Petercopter. Additional decorations that you can use to Peterfy your town include Peterfyxer, 1stpeters and 2ndpeter. New and classic animations to add to your collection. If you're a fan of the Family Guy series, then you'll love this game. In addition, you'll want to watch the series if you haven't already. Download the game and start your adventure to see how hilarious it is. Google Play Store downloads the game.

Take your characters on absurdly complicated quests.

In Family Guy The Quest for Stuff, the initial story progression highlights the beginning steps of the game for players. Peter Griffin destroyed the town that everyone lives in after a great battle with a giant chicken. With no longer anything in Quahog, people must find small pieces of their town to live in. A barren wasteland remains as the last remaining evidence of the former world. Your quest in this game is to recreate the town at your disposal.


Fox appeals to the people of Quahog to understand the current state of affairs. They refuse to, prompting him to announce that his cartoon show is cancelled for a second time. As a consequence, the people of Quahog lose patience and become agitated. Thanks to Ernie the Giant Chicken, recent issues have caused many problems in Quahog. Peter tried to face him as a heroic act, but they ended in a brawl that destroyed most of the town. Ernie is responsible for all this, and he challenged Peter to a duel to defend himself. This game follows Peter's quest to reunite with his family, friends and people of Quahog. You can play through a variety of missions involving multiple parts of Peter's quest. Additionally, you can engage in interesting and humorous gameplay while helping your favorite characters rebuild their hometown.


Here's a look at the game's many features as a whole!

Get all your favorite characters in one place.

In the Family Guy series, players can explore the game as their favorite characters. Finishing Peter's quests grants access to other characters like Lois, Brian, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Joe. Additional options include Bonny, Steve, Quagmire and more. Different gameplay modes provide a variety of options. Participate in many different exciting activities while playing the game.

Let them pursue epic quests through the world.

With this app, you can grant your characters a variety of strange and hilarious quests. Imagine Peter skipping as though he's insane, Quagmire performing wildly indecent magic tricks, Lois boxing or Joe dancing with jelly legs— each one is a truly imaginative option. Plus, these quests offer rewards you can't find anywhere else.

Customize your characters the way you prefer.

The game provides you with hundreds of outfits to dress up your characters in. Dress your favorite characters like crazy people. There are many characters to explore in the game: Mermaid Peter, Boxer Lois, Bikini Quagmire, Boxer Meg, Terminator Stewie and many others. Even after quitting the game, the fun never ends; it just keeps going for as long as you're still playing.

Create and maintain your own Quahog.

After a fight with a giant chicken spawned by Peter, gamers are introduced to a new gameplay mechanic that lets them rebuild the town. They have to use their creativity and dedication to restore the town to its former glory, or something close to it. New areas and missions are unlocked by completing previous ones. Doing so unlocks new buildings and even restores some that were destroyed. Also included is a feature for building; this allows you to bring new life to Quahog. A variety of new games can be played thanks to the addition of this feature. Concern yourself with the threat of pirates, giant chickens named Ernie and even extraterrestrial invasions from outer space.

Including a variety of themes when decorating towns is recommended.

Adding new and unique features to your town can give it an edge over other nearby towns. Select a theme for your town and then apply themed decorations to buildings, facilities and even how people dress. Creating more buildings and facilities with on-theme themes can help create more on-theme buildings and facilities.

Get loads of extra in-game cutscenes through purchasing additional content.

Fans of the popular cartoon series Family Guy can gain a new perspective on the show by playing The Quest for Stuff. This video game includes unique content not seen on the television show, making it an excellent way for diehard fans to discover new aspects of the show.

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