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The game provides endless match-3 puzzle fun.

Like many other games from the same company, Fishdom follows the same match-3 formula as Jewel Quest. However, it incorporates a fun fishy element notable for its uniqueness. The game revolves around matching three or more fishy tiles to earn money. Once this is accomplished, players can use this money to build an aquarium for their talking fish friends. To keep your aquarium's fish in high spirits, purchase play toys and decorations. You can also interact with your fish friends by playing games with them. But don't buy fish as snacks! Instead, consider them friends: not food! Keeping your aquarium neat and clean prevents your fish from feeling depressed. No one wants to see their happy little fish in a corner depressed by dirty surroundings.

Playing Fishdom requires proper understanding of its mechanics.

Playing any game for the first time can be intimidating. It helps to have some guidance when starting a new game so you know where to begin. With regards to Fishdom apk, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of match-3 games. However, here are some helpful tips for playing the game that will help you adjust to the game’s norms.

The number of people you match with.

If you want to earn extra points, create matched sets of three or more objects. If you create a matched set of four objects, you'll earn a firecracker that links to other objects. If you match five objects, you'll earn a bomb that links to even more components. And if you match six or more, you'll earn a nuclear bomb that destroys everything in its blast radius. Matching seven objects together occasionally yields a warhead that obliterates nearly half of the entire board. Efforts to find these highly coveted items often prove fruitless, but perseverance is a virtue. Especially valuable in board games that conclude with moves.

Maximize the amount of bonuses received via movement.

Extra points are awarded for completing objectives with remaining moves. If you finish the task with extra moves left over, you’ll earn bonus points for each completed move. It's faster to use firecrackers and bombs to clear large piles of debris in one move. This helps you finish the job quickly.

Keep your fish fed with a regular schedule.

Healthy fish have a green bar that represents their health. Make sure this bar stays green by regularly feeding them. Doing so will also earn you extra money from the fish's business ventures. When requested, regular fish food supplies appear on the bottom of the screen. These appear frequently; so pressing the icon below the feed fish prompt regularly increases supply rates.

Always keep the aquarium aesthetically pleasing through regular care.

Keeping your aquarium clean is an easy way to earn extra cash. You can increase the beauty of your aquarium by adding decorations, then clean your tank to boost your earnings. With this extra cash, you can buy more decorations that will further beautify your aquarium.

Lightning should be used to overwhelm the enemy.

After gathering 4 or more tokens in the lightning bar, it gradually refills. Once full, pressing the button dispenses a powerful barrage that reduces most of the board to rubble in one fell swoop.

Get Fishdom game mod; get your fish to victory.

In order to find your home in the vast ocean, you must travel as a clownfish. During this journey, you must navigate water pipes full of hazards. In order to overcome these obstacles and fulfill the required levels, you need to participate in the event. Arrange many specially shaped stones in a pattern across the chessboard. Place three or more of the same stone next to each other to collect them and line them up in a specific way. Finishing the required number of rocks grants victory and a reward. Your fish continues on its journey.

Create an aquarium by putting together a set.

By winning in Fishdom, you can update your aquarium house like a future home you hope to buy. Updates grant you access to new elements of the house that you can incorporate into your design. With the addition of new, interesting accessories, fish tanks can become anything but average. From there, decorative elements can be added to complete the effect. Advertised attractiveness feeds into more experience. Expend the result to further embellish the aquarium with aesthetic additions.

Competes with other players for supremacy.

Link your Fishdom account to your social media accounts like Facebook right away! Doing so will instantly incorporate your friends list into the game. Then, choose Fishdom once again and start having fun with everyone. With their recent high scores, they demonstrate their skills to the world. As a group, you and your newfound friends showcase your abilities to earn new accolades. Personal pages make it easy for anyone to share every accomplishment with their aquarium. This helps people build their relationship by sharing small daily gifts.

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