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What makes Go Knots 3D special is its many positive attributes.

Go Knots 3D is brand new and has no prior versions. Once you download it, you can play it immediately. It's also easy to understand and difficult to solve some of the puzzles in the game. By comparison, puzzle games on Android are very popular. Colorblind gamers often find it difficult to differentiate the chains of different colors, as the different chains start to merge together. Do what you can to untangle the chains and quickly proceed through the levels. Then, use your intellect to break the more challenging chains! Advertisement

Playing puzzle games on Android devices benefits the player's brain.

Go Knots 3D’s puzzles truly challenge your mind. The game requires daily focus to keep up with the challenges it presents. These puzzles are often compared to Sudoku or crossword puzzles, although they are more mentally taxing than either of those. Devs should add more difficult Untying Challenges to the app's current lineup. The Play Store has plenty of positive reviews, although some users claim that the game’s challenge levels are too easy.

Adding numerous levels to a puzzle game makes it better.

Many popular Android puzzle games require a lot of levels to play through. These include word games, brain training games or physics-based games like Go Knots 3D. The most popular puzzle games on Android are those that keep players engaged by requiring them to work through many levels. This game has over 400 levels, making it one of the longest-playing Android puzzle games. To remove each chain, you need to progress further in the game— but this requires additional time and concentration. There's no in-game hint system, so you're on your own to figure out how to solve the puzzle. Advertisement

With easy to understand controls, playing Go Knots 3D is a breeze.

Puzzles are difficult to perform with just one hand. They’re even tougher to solve when playing on a touch-screen device. That’s why it’s great that Go Knots 3D has such a simple control system. All you have to do is tap your finger on the screen to untie a knot. Understanding how to move hoops of different colors is crucial to solving the harder puzzles. Several Go Knots 3D level-guides are available online; you can use these as a resource if you become stuck.

advices and tricks for Go Knots 3D's High Levels.

Go Knots 3D has hundreds of levels to play through— more than two different kinds of colors, multiple pegs and chains, some empty chains and some full ones. The game gets progressively harder as you play through all these levels. Carefully examine the chains in each level before taking your next move to avoid confusing your colors. Make a mistake and you may end up further confounded by the mix of hues.

Introduce Go Knots 3D with a wordy description.

Rollic Games publishes simple, themed time-killers players can play when they need a break. The games aren’t difficult, but they’re addictive enough to make you want to play more. That’s the publisher’s mission, and that’s why they always look for games with a focus on real life. A new indie developer is impressive considering the already high downloads of their Google Play games. Go Knots 3D, the company’s latest puzzle game, boasts over one million downloads on Google Play. Trying to understand Go Knots 3D and its popularity helps explain why their games are so prominent.


In the game Go Knots 3D, you remove knots from ropes by lining up poles and chains. Each level of this puzzle game has a set of boards with many colors of chains and poles. Your objective is very easy to understand: line up the ends of the rope with poles. You must avoid linking chains to any other sources of power as this is imperative. Although it's easy to know this while skipping any deadlines or restrictions. Playing this game won’t diminish the significance of the task at hand; instead, it’ll stay with you.

The game includes many difficult obstacles.

The game has no written instructions or markers; instead, it features a first-level screen with no text. However, players familiar with the game can easily jump into the action. Some of the early levels are easy and straightforward, so it’s helpful for players to have some context around the rules. Over time, the game's difficulty increases. This was not related to a large dragon or a dungeon filled with monsters. Instead, the game added chains and additional colors over the course of 10 levels. To properly position chains, you need to know which one lies atop other chains. Prioritizing chain relocation requires understanding chain sequence. Consequently, this necessitates traversing random orientations and entwining various chains. You can complete all the puzzles in Go Knots 3D in a row. However, choosing the wrong option can turn your puzzle into an unpredictable mess. I look for challenging patience when I watch Go Knots 3D. When working on a difficult puzzle, it can take between 15 to 30 minutes to finish it. This is considered normal and shouldn't discourage you from continuing to figure out solutions. Try approaching the problem from a different angle if necessary.

After each level, what is obtained?

Each level you complete gives you coins. The higher the level, the more coins you’ll receive. You can watch an ad to increase your earnings by triple if you want; alternatively, you can skip the ad and conserve time.

What else can you discover?

When playing Go Knots 3D, players are rewarded with chains and scenes based on a system that provides multiple goals. Random chain rewards can be unlocked by paying 1000 coins, while random scene unlocks can be purchased for 2000 coins. Changing the color and scenes of your puzzle helps you avoid getting bored or stuck. Plus, unlocking new scenes makes your puzzle solving process easier. ———

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