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Become the Goalkeeper and Striker in one!

Head Soccer is a challenging and thrilling game that can be easily controlled with easy-to-navigate controls. Every match is full of excitement because you play the role of a goalkeeper and striker at the same time. Download the Head Soccer app and you'll see what we mean. Regardless of the game mode, every 60 minute match has a time limit that limits the amount of time each player has to score goals and defend their goal posts. The winner is the player with more goals after the time limit is met. What if the scores were tied? In that case, a sudden death match is played. The winning team scores the first goal and wins the match.

More than 60 characters are available to be unlocked.

The first unlocked character in the Head Soccer APK app is South Korea, who has access to the smallest subset of skills among 60+ characters. This makes him great for beginners who need to quickly rack up Achievements as they learn the different game mechanics. Characters have varying power levels. Each one is represented by the number of stars they possess. South Korea only has 0.5 stars; a 5th star is the highest level in the country. Special abilities aren’t limited to just one character. For example, Mon-K doubles the points earned in a match. Advertisement An update to Head Soccer typically includes new characters to play as; look out for this when searching for a new version of the game.

A detailed 2D image provides a high level of understanding with the game's controls.

To control the game effortlessly, focus on four simple commands. These are Move Right, Move Left, Kick and Jump. The Head Soccer graphics are still very detailed; even in 2D. This maintains the purity of the game's controls while maintaining high quality graphics. Plus, you can easily tell the game is in 2D because of all the amazing details in Head Soccer's graphics. Pay close attention to the spectators; notice how your opponent's eyes turn purple when you strike them with a ball.

Customizing your avatar allows you to make them look good and achieve goals at the same time.

After downloading the Head Soccer APK, you'll find plenty of reasons to keep playing. Going beyond just unlocking characters, the game offers a lot of customization options for both costumes and stats. In order to upgrade your stats, you must purchase new items off of the CPU opponent. These outfits are your prize and cost exactly 500 points— the amount you get for winning points. Costs increase from there to 256,000 points; however, this doesn't apply to upgrades that lower stats.

Playing Head Soccer requires discipline and focus to succeed. Here are some Power Tips to use.

Making the right moves when playing a game is key. Making the wrong move will cost time and resources. Use these tips to make the best choices possible. The Head Soccer app includes six different single-player modes. These game modes have different effects on your progress, but all of them require you to win a match. Getting started with the game is best done through Arcade mode. This is where you can easily win matches, increase your statistics and earn Achievements. Doing so will unlock the early characters in the lineup. In the final round of each tournament, a UFO may appear and hit the opponent with a projectile, instantly knocking them out. Additionally, you'll go through several knockout rounds to arrive at the final round. Each competitor receives 700 points if they make it to the final round. Advertisement Winning this game provides players with lots of points and unlockable costumes. Plus, it’ll be hard to ever end the matches because the next one could be even harder. At the end of a round, you receive more than 100,000 points. This is why your effort is so valuable. It's because you can earn this much and still end up in the first place of the league tiers: Minor, Major, and Amateur. The objective of this game is to get to the highest league tier. As you play Head Cup, you risk losing 5,000 points. This unusual sport resembles a FIFA World Cup in that it has a group stage and knockout stage; however, it's only available for play if you spend 5,000 points. You must successfully complete a level to be able to free characters that are trapped in cages that you can see on your display. Additionally, expect random surprises such as electrocution, stuns and freezing. Every character has a unique Power Shot: a powerful attack that can help them win or score. Using the right time and angle helps the Power Shot hit its mark. In order to choose the best character for any game mode, you need to understand which power shots belong to which characters. Each character has different power shots that are great for defense or offense; you need to know which shot angle to use in each circumstance. Additionally, some characters’ power shots are better suited for certain game modes. The power shot's power is limited to the first part of a match. However, it's accessible the entire game once it's filled up. By default, a power button appears next to the Kick button, which is also located on the top corner.

Download Head Soccer MOD to score goals with your skills.

In many non-complete soccer games, players use passing to create a beautiful highlight shot that makes the opposing goalkeeper surrender. The hero in Score! uses passing to create a perfect score. Head Soccer APK requires basic sports skills to play. These include kicking, blocking and headbutting the ball. But if you’re new to the sport, you’ll struggle against more experienced players. In addition to basic skills, this game requires patience and focus as you strive to master all basics. The opponent can easily fool the player by rolling the ball back and forth in vain. Doing so very briefly causes the player to concede many times.

Easy to use controls make this game accessible to all ages.

Practicing side-to-side movement, airborne acrobatics and violent action enhance the abilities of a few characters. However, these abilities are rarely attained by anyone.iciently a difficult problem for players.

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