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Download the Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game mod and enjoy playing with gelatinous orbs.

In the game Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game, players control a moving ice cube through a course that includes obstacles. Players must glide the ice cube to reach the end of the course. The Jelly Roll continues to slither even after taking damage. What a resilient crystal! In the World of Jelly with the Obstacle Course Game, you can explore the realm of jelly right away and experience the euphoric effects of the syndrome.

Overcoming obstacles.

Jelly shift is a popular and well-known dish to us. It has a similar texture and flexibility as petroleum jelly, which makes it an ideal obstacle course game. Your goal is to guide a gelatinous blob from the starting line to the end. Along the way, you encounter numerous obstacles. Each obstacle has a unique shape and permits your creature to jam through an opening. When forming a gap with a specific shape, you need to perceive the silhouettes first and then encase the space with fingers. If this isn’t done promptly, the material will decompose or collapse onto the runway. In the game Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course, players must explore many different levels. Each level presents a new challenge with changing obstacles. By adjusting the jelly to horizontal, vertical or some other shape, you can easily transform it into a narrow column or a flat square. You can also quickly change your jelly into a donut shape or a spiral to gain momentum and speed. Once you're well practiced, you can fly through the end line as soon as you perfect your technique.

Various gelatinous candies.

The jelly-like rhinestones come in many sizes, colors, and transparent shapes. Some of these stones have multiple appearances, including colors like pink, in the store. Additionally, you can find other jelly-like rhinestones in the merchandise section. Jelly they resemble specific animals as well as bows, hats, strings, and other accessories. The shape of these tablets is modeled after the jelly. People wear Superman, Panda and other cartoon character tablets.

The luck of the rotation affects which formation will be chosen.

There is a lucky wheel after every successful stage. This wheel looks like a lottery machine and has colored balls inside. Any of the options you choose will be handed to you. The wheel's momentum is driven by luck; its next prize is a diamond-rich gift. In the game Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course, purchase different rhinestones by buying diamonds. Purchase as many diamonds as possible to become a rich diamond millionaire. Then, collect as many colorful and shaped diamonds in your jelly deposit.

With no delay between movement and momentum, this grants an extreme speed of forward motion.

F1 racing jellies travel at insane speeds. They can spring into action the moment they need to move forward. How do they do this? Adding multiple colored jellies to your collection will result in a vibrant, multi-colored creation. Landings result in a powerful jelly that makes distance hurdles easier to clear. These also increase a jelly’s destructive power. When new, the jelly is quite soft. However, it has now become hard as a rock. Blowing through the jelly effortlessly obliterates any obstruction.

Play with Jelly for enjoyment.

Colorful, cool and jelly-like creatures are new friends. Jelly Shift is a fun and colorful offline game with hundreds of levels. It's waiting for you to explore the world it created— the Obstacle Course Game. Playing with jello is an easy and enjoyable way to stay cool and entertained when the weather is extreme like this. You can freely play any level of the game at any time, without exerting yourself. So have fun and laugh with no worries. Playing Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game is an excellent way to ease the strain of a hot summer day. This lighthearted game challenges players to navigate through a course full of tricky obstacles. It's hours of nonstop entertainment and fun. SayGames’s newest game is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. The fantastic visuals, incredible sounds, and addictive gameplay combine to create an experience that’s impossible to ignore. If you want to ease your summer boredom, play with the cool and malleable Jelly.


Seigeims has a new game that I’ll introduce to you today— Jelly Shift! This game gained a lot of attention since it was released. It has a simplistic gameplay style and over one million people downloaded it after only 2 months. It's available on Google Play.


Most endless runner games follow the same basic formula: run until you hit a wall and lose. However, many of these games are incredibly unique and addictive. Some good examples of this include Talking Tom Hero Dash and Temple Run. These games are interesting because they follow the same rules as other runner games. In the About Jelly Shifts gameplay, players need to swip up or down on the touchscreen to adjust the shapes of the jellies running on the screen. Doing so correctly matches the jelly's long shape with any visible obstacles in front of them. Different obstacles come in many different forms, including square, rectangular and triangular shapes. To beat these obstacles, players need agility and dexterity since each one is different. The game's 3D space comes to life thanks to shadows added to its visuals. This makes it easier for players to understand how large the obstacle jelly is relative to the space being Challenged.

Increasingly difficult challenges occur.

From the very beginning, your task is to chase the food provided by the gelatinous substance. Various obstacles must be overcome as you develop your skill. Jelly Shifts’ levels appear relatively easy at first; however, challenges continue to emerge in the back half of the game. When playing at a higher pace, the level of difficulty increases. As players speed up the game, jelly-like motors provide additional momentum.if something is chasing it. Not to mention the zigzag bends will disturb the rhythm, surprising the players.

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