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This game features the title, My City: Cops and Robbers.

In My City: Cops and Robbers, players act as safety officers; protecting the city by apprehending criminals. The game takes place in players' hometown, where they help keep everyone safe. Right now, you can start your journey as a real police officer. You must properly train your dog to become a police officer in order to perform certain tasks. Additionally, you can be a thief or a robber in the city, solve cases of theft and even serve as a judge.

Present My City: Cops and Robbers.

The My City educational video game series was created by My Town Games. The games involve vivid and realistic environments that children can play in. Approximately 100 million children have played one of these games. The My City series proves popular with children and families. It encourages exploration through educational lessons about the natural world.


Boys can pretend to be police officers and protect the city from robbers and harassment. They must investigate, find criminals' hideouts and arrest the criminals. Additionally, they can be a robber and try to steal from the city's supply. This game is intended for children; therefore there are no elements of violence present. Its focus is on heroic adventures involving children as main characters. My City: Cops and Robbers is an educational children's book that teaches children about the work and responsibilities of police officers. The book educates children about many other subjects such as sniffing dog training, neighborhood patrol, helping the elderly and more. It also teaches children about what is good and bad— including how to do good things and not bad things. Additionally, it teaches children not to do bad things.

This actor plays many parts.

Players can play the part of many characters; this helps them avoid getting bored. The game's characters can be played as a good police officer who always helps people, as an authority figure in courts that deal with criminals harshly, or as children who investigate crime alongside puzzles. Similarly to My City: Cops and Robbers, the game But My City: Cops and Robbers isn’t just about the good in the world. It also features a Thief character who can steal from shops. This doesn’t cause any harm to children playing the game. By playing My City: Cops and Robbers, children learn the importance of being a good person and how to enact positive change in the world. The game teaches them that becoming an evil bad guy will result in punishment from the law.


All the games in the My City series involve life lessons for children between the ages of 3 and 10. This is due to the fact that children are starting to understand life concepts like responsibility and love. Consequently, all of these game’s content has a specific meaning. Children learn a lot from interacting with the objects that they come into contact with. This is true of the educational game included in this package, which includes a wide range of interesting locations and characters. Each has a story children can explore. My City: Cops and Robbers is a place full of characters and stories. One can easily tell it's a world that is close to life thanks to the many places found within it, including prisons, police stations, bakeries, courts and gemstones. The game is full of lessons for children and provides great entertainment.

Kids will enjoy this choice.

Finding a game that is safe for children can be difficult today. But choosing My City: Cops and Robbers is a great idea. This game is educational and doesn’t contain elements of horror or violence. It teaches children that being a good cop isn’t just about helping others; it also teaches them to show responsibility by working on time, being quick and teaching others to help others. My City: Cops and Robbers’s features include an Internet connection and multi-touch gestures. Through this, the children can connect with each other via a single screen and work together by playing educational games. What better way to teach your children cooperation and safety than having them play side-by-side?

Casting the children as heroes is clearly appropriate.

Cops and Robbers, a game based on My City, tells the story of policemen and robbers. The game is played as if the players were working for the government as integrity cops who must keep the city safe from dangerous criminals. Your main job is to protect citizens from danger. Kids can explore their love of the law while playing this game. Doing so involves participating in police patrol, expert training, dog training, elder care and more. Additionally, this game allows players to plead guilty in a court of law after arresting criminals. Doing so will impress young minds with both its visuals and gameplay. Playing the role of a police officer requires the player to protect their people and take action against wrongdoing. Other roles the player can play include a thief who breaks into stores to steal valuable jewelry, or a medic who dispenses medical aid to citizens. Regardless of whether you want to be the judge or not, you mustn’t get caught by law enforcement while stealing. Doing so won’t change the outcome; instead, you’ll face punishment under the law. Solving the cases gives you dominion over your world. You can even draft laws that apply to your jurisdiction.

New characters for My City Universe can be found in the game's data files.

The My City Universe consists of a fully functional ecosystem with five new playable characters. These characters can be added to other My City Universe games. Additionally, My City: Cops and Robbers is an extension of the original universe.r. Thanks to the linking of the characters, the series of games become interesting and always well received by players.

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