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Fight to become more vital than ever in the Taichi Panda mod.

You can choose from among characters belonging to different factions when starting your journey. Each faction has strengths and weaknesses along with a preferred fighting style. By logging in and selecting a server, you can choose which faction's character you want to play as. After filling a first-level gap with self-improvement, you can begin earning rewards. This is achieved through completing assigned tasks— such as buying items or slaying monsters — that prepare you for success. Working hard grants you greater benefits than you previously acquired. As you gain more experience, your character automatically upgrades.

Equipment necessary for the job is included in the list.

Equipment is necessary to determine the power of a character. It’s not just levelling up that provides this power; it’s equipment as well. Equipment comes in different rarities, which determines how easy or challenging it is to obtain. Equipment in any given category is graded from green down to red. Equipment in a set is completed by wearing a necklace, shoes, gloves, helmet, cape and weapon. Purple equipment is next; followed by blue and orange. Finding mysterious chests and participating in events offer easy ways to get good gear. Additionally, finding boss chests and taking part in these events give players a chance to get rare equipment.


You can have up to two pets accompanying you in any given fight. Many different creatures with amazing powers exist; you can choose whichever pets best match your style. You can unlock additional pet slots once enough experience is earned. Offensive pets like Borik, Pyrotaur or Phoenix will grant protective powers. Also available are pets with higher defensive attributes like Palladin, Firewalker or Phoenix. Additionally, we have other types of pets that provide bonuses to the owner. Bringing a pet grants no disadvantages and increases combat effectiveness. Level them up to increase their basic stats as well as their skills' effectiveness.


You can complete both usual quests and special multiplayer objectives. For example, you can pickpocket gemstones to gain victory in a gemstone gathering mode. Alternatively, other players can pickpocket you for a victory. Show your strength in the arena or risk your life when gathered around it. If you have the strength to challenge, do so in the presence of some dangerous men. When playing CO-OP, the arena changes drastically. Rewards you for defeating bosses and giant monsters are priceless. Your allies are there to help you face difficult challenges.

Become a member of the guild.

Joining the guild grants you many benefits. These include being able to complete special quests and access extra resources from them each day. Additionally, members of the guild receive gifts every day. Joining a clan grants you access to coordinated combat and extra strength. By recruiting new members into your clan, you can increase the strength and power of your character. If you feel confident in your abilities, create a clan and begin warring. Expand your guild by recruiting members and leading them in the right direction. Complementing each other's strengths through cooperation is essential to standing strong. By working hard, you can achieve the top of the food service provider. Taichi Panda Mod allows you to adventure and fight without stopping in the dangerous world. Can you become the champion of the end of Avzar's land?

Learn about Taichi Panda with this educational article.

Excitement builds when more than 1,000 reasons exist to engage in high-speed combat!

A story doesn't need to be direct when it's revealed, it just needs to give the player a reason to play.

The game's world is inspired by the Kung Fu Panda movie. It's a fantasy recreation of a martial arts world set on Alternia; a planet also home to panda spirit beasts and human spirit masters. A US company created this game, which features an overweight panda as the main character. The idea behind the game was developed by someone from China; its popularity is due to people finding it fascinating that two completely separate things could be combined.

Get in and out quickly to triumph.

Taichi Panda features a first impression of its storyline when the player doesn't have to choose a target and lock it. In this game, players simply need to move toward an enemy and attack them. If the enemy is within the player's influence, they will be hit 100% of the time. This reduces the laborious aspect of targeting that some games employ. Consequently, this game makes players feel faster and more excited about playing. Taichi Panda's gameplay features simple navigation and skill buttons in the lower right corner of the screen. Additionally, combat is easy thanks to a limited number of options. Many fighting game fans enjoy the short endings to their games. Each level is only a few minutes long, but they're high quality every second. Finish off the boss to continue moving and attacking. Enroute to the next stage, dispense with any loose ends. Special moves and combos require a great deal of thought and consideration. Doing so properly grants players an additional advantage over the enemy: making sure to land a killing blow as soon as possible. Because of this, cooldown times for each class are lengthy. Instead of sharing the same space as other game levels, Taichi Panda's boss team consistently switches areas. Each boss possesses unique attributes and weaknesses to discover and exploit. Consequently, players should take a moment to observe their enemy before taking decisive action. Look at the yellow bar next to the boss' red blood stream during a fight. This is the boss' stat called Prolific. When attacking the boss with massive combos, this bar decreases quickly. After reaching zero, the boss briefly pass out. This is a good opportunity to finish the game since they stay unconscious for a few seconds.

Gorgeous, exceptional and talented heroines are aplenty.

Taichi Panda’s character lines begin with four options. You don’t need to unlock each one individually like many other games do.her role-playing games.

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