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race on the highway with Traffic Rider MOD APK's motorbike control.

Traffic Rider MOD APK introduces a new racing simulation genre. Most racing games in this genre focus on car racing. However, this game challenges players to race motorcycles instead. This driving game has earned a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by over 7,000 reviewers— more than any other game in the app store. The racing cars with different speeds cause the game to be extremely popular; it's downloaded by more than 100 million people. Many game developers hope to duplicate this success with their own games. The game stayed at the top of the download charts for a very long time after it was released in early 2016. You can currently download this game on Google Play and Apple's App Store; you can also download a modified version on the website MODDER.ME.

Motorcycles come in many forms.

People who love fast cars also have a desire to own a car with multiple passenger seats. They love motorcycles with more than 1000 horsepower and drive 25 different types of them. Additionally, these people love playing the game Motorcycle Mayhem. Buying a car is very expensive, which isn’t affordable to everyone. However, anyone can afford to own motorcycles instead— they’re much cheaper than cars. Online racing with more than 30 leaderboards. It's hard to miss how interesting it is to drive large delivery vehicles at high speed. Plus, there's the euphoric feeling of being in front of all the obstacles when playing the game.

With multiple quest lines, the game features a diverse quest system.

You will be tasked with speeding when you first join the game. Following this, you'll be given additional missions such as racing past cars or racing for 1,000 meters, 5,000 meters or higher. Completing these tutorial missions grants high monetary rewards each time. As your tasks progress beyond 70 missions, rewards decrease significantly compared to when you started. And the more difficult a mission is considered, the higher your skills must be in order to successfully complete it. Accelerating fast earns more money; passing cars in front earns more; and going in the opposite direction while passing cars in front also earns more.

The game is easy to understand due to its uncomplicated mechanics.

At the beginning of the race, two handlebars appear in the corners of your screen. When you press the right handlebar, your car picks up speed and releases it. When you press the other handlebar, your car slows down. When transporting freight, pressing the car horn button will let loose a powerful blast. Although this can be very useful, be mindful of your speed when you press the horn. Likewise, pressing the loading button will unload your cargo. Alternatively, pulling the right handle turns this knob into a brake that can be used to slow down or stop the vehicle. Pressing the pick-up button lights up and starts your car. This happens as soon as your vehicle reaches the appropriate speed. To confirm this, look at the top middle area of the in-game display. At the top-right corner of the display, a Settings button is visible. An icon also indicates remaining time in the calculation row. Additionally, a distance and speed indicator appears at the bottom of the screen. To buy a high-quality motorcycle, you need to pay a lot of money. But even then, you can only purchase a better motorcycle or upgrade an existing one. And you can’t afford one that maxes out all its stats— you have to settle for one that’s just average. Ads interrupt your high-speed races; they drain the appeal from the game. Consequently, avoiding them becomes easy and tedious. Download the MOD APK version of Traffic Rider to improve your game experience. This is because the game has no ads and unlimited money. A game similar to CarX Highway Racing is available.

Get racing!

When you install the game, a sleek motorcycle-themed menu pops up. This easily modifiable menu is clear and self-explanatory, making it easy to adjust to your preferences. The in-game menu gives you access to changing your bikes and choosing each one's configuration options. It also houses a host of options that let you alter your vehicle to your liking, including bonus rewards.

Set It to Your Own Preferences.

Traffic Rider's customizable features go beyond just the bikes. Players can change the music, sound effects, graphics and language used in the game. The game has support for over 19 languages worldwide. Just head to the game's settings to access a variety of settings customizations tailored to your needs. Customizing the bikes to your liking is even possible beyond changing their color. Choose from many different glove and sticker combos for your bike. Plus, you can personalize every aspect of their construction down to the last bolt! Additional motorbike options are available once the game's monetary gains are accessed. This monetarily incentivized title also features 29 bikes to choose from. You can change the controls to suit your preferences— like deciding which method of steering your bike you prefer. These include: a touch-screen display attached to the handlebars and a magnetic control pad that connects to the frame. Tilt Buttons Handlebar Gamepad Advertisement You can toggle the sensitivity of the controls to your liking. You can also change how the throttle handles— from automatic to manual. You can even choose whether or not you want brakes attached. Additionally, you can detach the brakes and invert the controls if you choose.

The game features multiple game modes that provide a difficult challenge.

Traffic Rider offers more than just an endless race. It features multiple modes that you can utilize and enjoy. There is a one-way or two-way Time Trial, as well as Free Ride. Career mode features over 70 challenging challenges that can be difficult to complete. Completing these missions will earn you rewards and more vehicles to unlock.

Recommended Practices for Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider’s unique style makes racing seem easy to him. others, you might need some few pointers.

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