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Tsuki Adventure Game, also known as Tsuki's Odyssey MOD APK, is a game developed by Tsuki.

Tsuki's Odyssey requires you to furnish an empty house on an old stump. You acquire the job by purchasing and arranging furniture in a beautifully pleasing way. By fishing in the lake or earning money from growing cabbages, you can earn money and build your own house. Purchase various amenities for your home through exchanging in-game rewards. Accessorize your home with colorful floors purchased through the item exchange system. Many different items are available to purchase from the exchange with unique uses that can be discovered through in-game exploration.

Tsuki's Odyssey has beautiful graphics that enhance the game's overall polish.

You can find new places by texting or calling friends on the phone. Tsuki can also move throughout the village at will and interact with anyone who cares to talk with him. Or you can just chat with him in public places like the park or library. Tsuki's Odyssey features a wide range of options for taking photos with characters. You can also move trains with beautiful graphics throughout the game.

Tsuki's Odyssey APK MOD highlights include what the app has to offer.

Fishing on a riverbank adjacent to a serene riverfront neighborhood allows you to earn a significant income. Many types of fish can be harvested thanks to this excellent choice for an avid fisher. Tsuki's Odyssey is an adventure game with beautiful graphics and cuddly forest animals. It's a must-play for anyone who enjoys cute things and exploring new worlds. By playing Tsuuki's Odyssey, you will earn many necessary pieces of equipment to help your home.

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A game with many peaceful moments.


Tsuki Odyssey starts an exploration of the free-wheeling rabbit with a passion. Through its dedication, the rabbit can travel anywhere and perform any desired activity. In this installment, Tsuki visits a tranquil woodland. Tsuki is a baby rabbit who lives in Mushroom village. The village is home to many very lovable animals. Tsuki is found joy in the village he lives in. From the moment he hatched, Tsuki explored every nook and cranny of his environment. He started building his own house and fishing for food. In addition to these activities, Tsuki made money by growing cabbage and carrots. As a result of all this, Tsuuki became very much like a human baby.


In Tsukis Odyssey, the narrative is gentle in nature and features a leisurely pace. Despite this, a game is still a game— one that requires hard work. You start with a vacant treehouse. You'll face several difficult phases after that. You'll need to gradually earn enough money to purchase the necessary furniture. Once purchased, arrange the furniture in the most artistic way to create an ideal nest for you. You earn money by trading fish and crops grown in the Mushroom Village for money that you use to buy needed items. People in the village exchange these items for money, which they then use to buy new things. Tsuki's surroundings constantly demand attention. This explains his compulsion to examine nearly all phenomena. The Mushroom Village contains many endearing residents who add charm to Tsuki’s journey. By conversing, trading and visiting each member, Tsuki absorbs wisdom about economic opportunities. Growing closer to his new companions also helps him bond. To earn money from a crop, choose seeds and plant them. Carefully water and fertilize the plant each day. After that, choose a crop to grow. To earn money quickly enough to afford a house, hard labor is required in carrot farming. In order to succeed, additional income is necessary through fishing. This results in a stress-free hobby that requires hard work. You exchange money earned from catching different types of fish for home decorations. Then, you go fishing again for more cash. You can fish at Uncle Daws' fishing ground, Rosemary's ground and Mocas turtle house's ground. But the most popular fishing spot is Mocas turtle house— just hang around there and the other fishing grounds will slowly open up to you.

The pet is very cute

The introductory highlight is Tsuki, the rabbit character who enjoys freedom. At the start of the game, players can transform into any animal they prefer, which leads to them choosing their favorite animal character to accompany them on every path. The final goal of the game is to explore Mushroom Village and complete the treehouse. Tsuki always loves to travel everywhere. After a long trip, it noticed someone had cleaned out its favorite treehouse without leaving anything behind. By playing a game along with Tsuki and earning money for supplies, one can work with Tsuki to track down the person who ruined its life. One also helps Tsuki find the thief who messed up its life by building a new house. Through conversations with the townspeople and collecting their private intelligence reports, you’ll discover the criminal. In fact, Tsukis Odyssey doesn’t start as a crime investigation; it just excuses why people start stealing.

The care of pets is so easy.

Tsuki doesn't require much work to maintain. As a traditional pet owner, you border his work space with lines. After that, all you have to do is feed him and pick him up when he needs a break. Tsuki is a small creature that can keep itself entertained all day. It performs various tasks according to its owner's schedule and doesn't require daily care. Instead, it encourages interaction through visual and audio prompts. If you're 13 and older, Tsukis Odyssey can function as a learning experience as well as an interactive game. It enables children to practice tidying up their living spaces, learn about farming and preparing for future world conquest.

The image is too adorable for words.

A colorful retro cartoon image covers Tsukis Odyssey. The picture shows green meadows, light hills, cool rivers and pastel colored landscapes. Under the picture of Tsukis Odyssey is a dedication to the creator with beautiful images of nature.e colors and the whole scene, I feel so relaxed.

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