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1. Unlimited Mone
2. Unlimited Resources

A classic real-time strategy game

The Viking Village game is a combination of defense and strategy in a minimalist real-time frame. It is an RTS game played on Android with a beautiful Viking tribe style. Although war and theft pose a significant threat to the general public, this game takes on these historical events through real time strategies. You play the part of a brave hero whose mission is to fight against a brutal pirate army. Your goal is to protect and build the love village by battling pirates. There are many different attractive game modes in this game and its performance is optimized. As the defender of the Vikings' villagers in a third-person and top-down game, your army brings much glory to your people. This military strategy game is sure to please any player.

Crosses between our village and the wild must be defeated to protect us from the beasts.

The main purpose of Viking Village is to protect the citizens of the town from pirate invaders. Before people came to this land, they had to deal with ancient difficult times that involved pirates in strange lands. A battle between two opposing factions forces players to use their strongest and most courageous allies. Winning this battle proves that your team is brave enough to defeat the pirates. Doing so grants them access to a lot of resources and loot. So that you can survive, heroes must accumulate resources. They do this by gaining advantages as the village's savior. Doing so allows them to collect many resources. Then, they can build archery towers in key locations and command the Viking army to fight. In addition to attacking enemy settlements, you can also destroy them to win. You can capture barbarians in the jungle and gain additional power by controlling deer. Additionally, fortify your defenses by capturing barbarian villagers in the woods.

Add alternate play modes to missions that interact with other tasks.

The Viking Village game mode offers players classic real-time battles combined with energy systems and loot crates. Players can fight with their army, but also fight solo online. Many of the tasks are already done and quickly in this game mode. The game features a variety of different game modes and unique tactical battles. Players can also challenge enemy villages on islands through quests that randomly generate. Additionally, the player can destroy enemy villages to win the game. Players can win RTS games by destroying their village or 1v1 play against a lone hero. In the Rogue Lite game mode, players can fight enemies with just one hero and their troops to progress. This mode is recommended for power users who want direct control over their deer.

How to win the final battle in a fight

Players must gather resources and use them to build and upgrade Viking Village in order to be the last Viking Village battle. Doing this will give players the opportunity to beat the game and win Viking Village. Before quest completion fails, earn some bonus resources by completing all quests. The barbarian can be captured and used to gather resources. Plus, building an army helps defeat the enemy faster so that the pirate captain can be defeated. Also, using the army helps defeat the enemy faster than if only using resources gathered by killing pirates. Players should be careful about gathering mission rewards when necessary. They should use these rewards for specific purposes instead of hoarding them. Plus, the game has different modes such as Tower Rush, Quick Survival and Build a Ship. In its unique gameplay, the game presents players with many exciting experiences taken from ancient times. Players can enjoy combining single-player and multiplayer campaigns to create a base and then build an army to bring peace to the villagers. ———

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