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A rooted device is not required for this app to function.

Clearing all cache files brings about a significant memory boost. This app makes it easy to do that by simply pressing a single button. It also has the ability to clear browsing and navigation history and to view a complete list of defaults so that you can select specific ones to clean. This app does not require root access on phones.

Clears the auto glass automatically.

This app removes the history and cache of specific apps. It also has a widget on the home screen that allows users to clear the cache. The app has an auto-clearing feature built in that cleans cache automatically when the internal storage fills up low, or when it notices apps using high amounts of cache. It also has notifications for applications using large amounts of cache; this allows users to clear those caches as well.

Keeping track of memory resources is crucial to any learning endeavor.

Users can easily view information about the app on the market through this tool's built-in list. This list displays a list sorted by data, cache size, total size and application name. There are built-in uninstall options and a detailed page about the app's specifications is included with this tool.

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Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro mod to manage contacts.

You no longer need certain contacts on your phone. You want to organize your phone’s equipment in a more systematic way. One of the apps that brings together all the tools is OneTap Cleaner Pro. It can help users solve any problems they may have by providing them with all their desired tools. In a few minutes, 1Tap Cleaner Pro wipes out your list of contacts. This includes sections you want to eliminate, like the call history. The app quickly processes data when you replace these sections with new ones. The best app to have on your device is 1Tap Cleaner Pro, as it will speed up the cleaning process by managing close contact lists. 1Tap Cleaner Pro also has a convenient search history and contacts system.

Erase the call log.

Your call log archives ongoing calls to many people. Additional entries continue to pile up in your list. Removing call history with a single tap is beneficial when 1Tap Cleaner Pro is installed. This app helps users erase their call history in one swift motion. By keeping this app installed, users can erase any call history they want. The cleaner app 1Tap Cleaner Pro features multiple tools with their own unique functionality. A speedy need-satisfying process doesn't require users to navigate many steps. Deletion quickly and easily eliminates unnecessary data.

Additional ways to remove contacts are available.

1Tap Cleaner Pro provides users with four methods for removing contacts from their phone. These include clearing call logs, clearing cache and clearing history. Each method allows people to choose different ways to remove their contacts. Deletions have advantages for the user that vary depending on their needs and goals. This leads to the creation of a contact file for each deletion, resulting in benefits for each data loss. Everything you need to change is in the user's hands with 1Tap Cleaner Pro. The mobile application provides you with all the options for removing contacts, including deleting contacts on your phone. You can choose the method that’s best for you.

Clearing system data is necessary.

1Tap Cleaner Pro provides support for all its users with complete features. It can delete call logs, messages and history data; along with other junk data, it can be handled by the app. Having a full device memory is no longer an issue thanks to this update. Users don’t have to worry about issues anymore since the update makes device memory less full. 1Tap Cleaner Pro is an ideal choice for removing all your data. It's hard to use with other programs due to its complexity— but it's the best option for one-button data deletion. When using 1Tap Cleaner Pro, every step to cleanse data can be completed in one step. 1Tap Cleaner Pro automatically handles any data the user needs to remove. Deleted data won’t make the app difficult for the user to use. Get a full understanding of your phone with the 1Tap Cleaner Pro app. It has all the tools you need to use, plus it comes with an optimizer that clears your data off contacts quickly. Plus, download the 1Tap Cleaner Pro mod to delete your data on the sly.


Download the 1Tap Cleaner Pro app if you don't know how to make your smartphone run better or if you aren't tech-smart. This app takes up some of your phone's memory, but it can help you clean up your junk file, increase your phone's speed, and have other helpful features. By deleting unnecessary data from your cache and other parts of your phone, you can free up more space on your phone for other uses. This application recommends data you don't use so it can help you clean up unnecessary junk and increase garbage time. It's very well optimized so it can even clean up data you never thought of cleaning in the first place. This software's creator built an easy-to-use interface by streamlining all features. Turning features off or simplifying them aids in usability because fewer steps are needed to complete a given task. This software is also called Cleanup because performing data cleansing tasks with it is as easy as possible.


Clearing data using this app cleans up system caches, call logs, messages, and more. It also deletes historical data— such as caches, logs and other types of data. Free space in your device's memory provides an opportunity to store various things. Plus, removing unnecessary data from the memory increases available space. This app allows users to remove data periodically with a scheduled function. They can also delete junk data on a specific time with this.r this application to launch. Even when your phone is not in use, your device will be optimized after this application cleans up.

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