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The Franking General Generation Construction game provides a fun way to learn about construction.

Astrgon studio Entertainment produces the Construction Simulator 2014 game, which is a simulation of construction. The game was developed by the company's production team. Many people enjoy games that simulate situations and processes, and this simulation should be familiar to them. This game replicates part of the company's collection of emulators, but it features new features that help users experience new things. This is unlike previous games in the collection. The construction machinery in the game doubles as a scale for building projects on the massive side. Your phone’s display becomes a giant construction site with the help of this machinery.

heavy machinery can be used to build houses and apartments.

In this game, you play the part of a construction engineer named Ian. Your mission is to construct beautiful and bustling cities by building structures in each location. You’ll travel to 14 different vehicles during construction, each of which has a specific purpose. Many well-known carriers have similar graphics to the original ones, performance and appearance wise. Advanced drivers give players the true sense of using them. It's important to maneuver the machines in order to complete all the tasks set by the game. In Construction Simulator 2014, you can create your own unique construction by learning simple jobs. Once you can handle that, you can become a construction tycoon and run your own construction business.

Additional buildings are ready to be built once you finish building your first one.

In order to start the game, you must first dig the ground to make a foundation for your house. You can then use the concrete mixer truck to combine the materials for your house into one cohesive mass. You might need to construct domes for a large building or make walls for a house. Players must choose the proper machinery for each construction stage. The mission given is diverse and requires players to complete over 300 missions on a large scale. Creating a project with this many tasks feels less boring to the participant. Projects such as schools' swimming pools, political buildings or wind turbines attract building construction. You can transport materials or wood in a cargo vehicle. You can also switch between vehicles if you have trouble completing the task with the current one. You need to use bonuses earned in previous stages to unlock future vehicles. These can freely move around the construction areas.

Making money playing the game gives you a financial boost.

There are many ways to earn money in the game. You can earn this bonus by completing tasks, taking part in in-game events or using additional money to complete a challenge. If you have trouble completing a challenge, you can use your extra money to finish the task. After completing a building, you'll be able to unlock the next one. You can design any buildings, schools or other structures you choose in Construction Simulator 2014. Select the materials you want to use and start building on a grand scale. This will allow you to grow your company in size in the game. Many people enjoy the graphics in this game. They are considered to be high-quality 3D graphics, which make the game very realistic. People of all ages can enjoy this game because it has a gameplay that's easy to understand and is suitable for subjects older than 3 years. In Construction Simulator 2014, you have the freedom to explore a world full of buildings. As a builder, you slowly build a career by the structures you create. Organize fun and carefree projects that demonstrate your capabilities as a builder. Impress potential employers with your construction prowess.

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Construction Simulator 2014 is a construction site simulation game with a realistic 3D design. The game belongs to the genre of games that simulate construction machines by allowing the player to control them. By doing this, they can create strong buildings. The construction jobs in Construction Simulator 2014 are intended to produce the most dependable structures. The game's 14 machines are constructed from Liebherr, Man and Still; each one resembles the original in both appearance and operating mechanism. You can dig foundations or pour concrete for a solid wall for a workshop. Alternatively, you can install massive domes with mobile cranes. As part of over 300 missions, this game provides over 20 hours of fun and excitement. You display steady hand control by promising to play over 300 missions. In Construction Simulator 2014, players control 14 real construction machines that look and act like the real world versions. These construction machines were designed with high-quality 3D graphics and features. Players must complete construction jobs to create the most solid building. Construction Simulator 2014 is a unique and fun building simulation game that allows you to experience a 3D virtual construction site right on your iPhone. Construction Simulator 2014 on mobile devices lets you experience the working day of construction workers. After building a successful real estate corporation, you’ll be able to bring your style to any corner of this free city. And with that, you’ll help realize your wish.

Quickly construct new homes by tapping in a few commands.

The app can be found on iTunes by owners of iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices. It functions identically to other apps; there are no issues with downloading it. The game supports multiple languages. As a result, you can construct houses in the language spoken by your mother. The game's premise is easy to understand. You must create new profiles and follow the instructions of the first mission. The game's concept is simplistic; you should complete all steps related to constructing buildings— no matter their purpose or structure. extensions of existing houses, new houses, or other structures.

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