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There’s nothing new about cooking games when it comes to gameplay. However, these games still have a unique charm. Mytona’s Cooking Diary is an excellent example of this phenomenon. This game is not only a cooking game; it’s also a restaurant management simulation. Once you become a chef and talented manager, you’ll discover many new things to do.

A culinary recipe is a given set of instructions for preparing a specific meal.

Your family owns a famous restaurant called Tasty Hills thanks to their access to legendary culinary recipes. Each generation before you excelled in the kitchen. Once the business grows beyond its initial scope, it’s time for the department to take over the family fortune and assist it in reaching new heights. This is a difficult task because competitors will often work to “put” the company out of business.

Become a professional chef, such as a cook working in a restaurant.

You must satisfy the hardest critics to continually expand your business. This includes any representative of a well-known newspaper or food critic. You need to perform both functions in the kitchen as a chef and restaurant manager. People don’t have patience when they go to a restaurant, so you need to prepare food quickly. Leaving the restaurant's reputation behind will prompt them to not wait too long. This would be a huge mistake. Add to the strength of your restaurant by serving tasty food to its customers. Help your restaurant earn even more prestige by conquering those who criticize your culinary skills. In addition, make sure the customers from your establishment return for another meal by serving delicious dishes to them.

Cooking contests feature prominently in many cooking competitions.

You can use your extraordinary culinary abilities to compete in other cooking contests. Many skilled chefs live in Tasty Hills; the competition will be fierce and competitive.

Decorate your restaurant to give it a more welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to tasty dishes, the restaurant's space also needs to be considered. Add modern furnishings to make the restaurant more luxurious. Making guests more pleased with the length of time they have to wait by adding live entertainment. People in the waiting room will want to go back as often as possible thanks to this added entertainment option.

Change your appearance.

You can change the way your character looks by dressing them in hundreds of different outfits with various accessories. You can even change the color of their skin, eyes, hair and costumes. This app also features alternate faces and additional accessories available.

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I love exploring the many stories in Cooking Diary. As someone who loves to cook, it's an exciting and lively game that I personally find great to play.

What is Cooking Diary?

People’s fascination with cooking is apparent to anyone examining the history of the subject. Cooking has always been a popular pursuit among our ancestors, who never ceased to experiment with new methods. As technological advancements continued, so did our exploration of new culinary techniques. Despite machines being unable to record all aspects of cooking, people still embrace the art. This is why it’s a popular subject today. Anyone who loves cooking will love this game! Google Play Store users have downloaded the Cooking Diary game over 10 million times. As the head chef at Grandpa's restaurant, you'll need to prepare hundreds of recipes and dishes. You'll also need to open dozens of restaurants and satisfy every customer who enters your establishment. This popular game is challenging and popular among users. You can make friends with a wide variety of pets and even participate in many cooking contests to gain popularity on a global scale! Check out the additional info below to learn more. Advertisement

The Cooking Diary app includes the following:

The Cooking Diary isn’t just a game about cooking— it’s a much larger title. This game features many aspects of the real world. You can learn how to manage multiple restaurants and interact with people. Additionally, it features tournaments and friendships. Your Cooking Diary task is to cook for customers. Each customer has a specific meal they request, and you need to follow their instructions precisely. Accomplishing this will earn you positive reputation among your patrons and prevent any negative feedback. Adding new dishes to your menu makes it easier for you to serve more customers— which results in more money and more customers! Plus, more dishes make it easier to prepare when you're serving more customers. The more restaurants a restaurant chain has, the more successful it is considered to be. This is represented in Cooking Diary by the fact that you can manage many different branches of a single restaurant. You can open dozens of restaurants around the Tasty Hills area by choosing the style you want. You need to prepare for this because it's required to keep up with the high demand. Advertisement You can make friends with pets from the Tasty Hills neighborhood! This adds great fun to the game. Try to make friends with as many pets as possible. This game lets you participate in many public competitions to earn awards and boost your popularity. By winning these events, you increase the number of residents who frequent your business. Adding improvements to a restaurant is one of the joys of owning one. In Cooking Diary, you have the freedom to customize your establishment in any way you like. You can upgrade your kitchen tools, equipment and more. Cooking Diary has impressive graphics that make users' eyes flutter. This game's graphics are extremely impressive — they even rival any epic movie or video game.

Cook and Amaze.

The game features hundreds of recipes. Find them in every region of the game world to create a wide range of dishes for clients. These dishes need to be delicious and interesting so people will come back for more. Add flair and taste to your meals by finding the right ingredients and cooking them.want in the game. Join events and cook top quality dishes to complete challenges. Earn rewards by doing daily tasks in the game.

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