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A popular prison simulation game is Hard Time. This game allows you to play as a prisoner in the prison and survive until being released.

Prisons are where evildoers go after the police apprehend them. In this game, you can experience what it's like to be inside a prison by playing as the bad guy. A popular prison-themed game is Hard Time. In this game, you play the part of a prisoner as you struggle to survive in prison until your sentence is served. You need to fight other people to become the top gang leader. You can also increase your stats and ally yourself with others to help you. Prison life offers many activities; you need to explore them all in order to be successful. Continue reading to understand more. Advertisement

Hard Time has the following characteristics.

Hard Time is a prison-themed game that allows players to mimic real-life prison behavior by forming gangs, increasing stats and committing crimes. This game features many illicit features that players can take advantage of. Life in prison is hard, as we all know. However, Hard Time will take prison life to an even more graphic level by showing every aspect in vivid detail. You need to eat and sleep in order to stay healthy and mentally balanced. Doing so also lets you participate in gang wars every now and then. However, most of the time, you’ll find yourself rubbing elbows with a hundred fellow inmates. Getting temporarily overwhelmed while breaking down is extremely dangerous; avoid this situation at all costs! Instead, try to find a way to the top through a planned climb. This game allows you to create your own character. You can customize your name, appearance, height and crime. You can also choose your stats like intelligence, agility and strength. You can earn additional points to increase your strength, agility and intelligence. You can personalize your face, hair color, outfit, eyewear and body type to any extreme desired. Advertisement When you gain points and money in Hard Time, you can upgrade your stats. Choose which stats to upgrade such as intellect, reputation, agility and strength. It's up to you which of these advantages you choose to prioritize. In most cases, you need to improve your own health without relying on monetary aid. Hard Time's 3D graphics aren't the best, but they're functional. This game takes place in a prison simulation and features many battles. There isn't a need for bright and colorful graphics since people fight a lot in this game. Hard Time's virtual joystick and buttons on the right side give players full control over their character. Players can change their movement by pressing specific buttons.

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Created by MDickie, Hard Time Prison Simulator is a game that delivers a realistic prison system with wrestling, fighting and a time management system stronger than the previous games. This game is promised to provide players with many hours of entertainment; don’t hesitate; just don’t join right away? Another Mickies mobile game you can check out is the School Days MOD APK app.


Players can create a character and explore a large prison environment. This game features more than 100 inmates and props to interact with. It also has up to 12 areas with full furniture. Each contains dangerous consequences for simple words. penal institutions are only a part of the game; its focus extends to other aspects of life beyond prison. Inspectors enforce a variety of laws to prevent wrongdoing. Billions of prisoners live behind bars in different prison areas. Each area has its own criminal gang that the player must challenge and defeat to become the head of the prison. This will involve fighting, evading guards, and scaling walls to escape from the prison.

The combat system includes both melee and ranged combat.

Many of Dickies games feature wrestling systems with many unique features. Players can customize their character’s skills to overcome harder challenges. Gamers say that the Hard Time (Prison Sim) is more realistic than any AAA game thanks to these characteristics. This game gives players the most realistic fighting experience thanks to these traits. To quickly conquer your opponent, you need to choose unique fighting skills that work together. Additionally, you need to improve your overall fighting abilities and bolster your control techniques. Increasing your strength, intelligence, reputation and agility is crucial. You can access character skills by pressing corresponding buttons on the screen. Additional jobs can be performed to earn extra money. Grapple and/or Throw is G's original power. The card Taunt has the word in its name. A measures attack. R represents Run. P = Drop or Pickup. Creating powerful attacks requires learning how to sync combos with one another. One useful example is pairing A and R to launch a powerful attack. Or combining R and P at the same time for incendiary results and to fling the results at the opponent. You can press the game clock to temporarily pause the current game. You can skip unnecessary conversations by choosing the option in the dialogue wheel. Additionally, if you’re playing a game that you haven’t finished, you can touch the clock to do so.


Considering your character is a regular person, his morale and health will also be reduced after engaging in combat. To improve the best condition, your character should rest to recover from his injury. When your character doesn't sleep, he can engage in a number of activities that help him feel better. Some examples include watching television or reading. If he's incontinent when he sleeps, then he's doing something wrong. Since you can't control him for a time, this affords a need for concern.ter in many aspects, includes: Agility: Helps the ability to move faster.

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