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Acquire all the precious diamonds with the Jewel Manor mod.

You're a brilliant engineer with the power to create things that defy imagination. Your ultimate goal in life is to construct a giant castle. We need to work on our renovation little by little so the value can be restored. First, I need to clean up the mess in the house. After that, I need to set up the furniture I have prepared inside the house. Each time you rebuild the inside of the house, you need to prepare a certain amount of money. Obtaining bonus items allows us to solve puzzles and win each level faster. This leads us to realization of our dreams very quickly.

The home's interior design is what can be called a refined art. This includes everything from furniture and lighting to wall colors.

A castle has many rooms, which fulfill a specific function— such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and reading room. It was intentionally built large to accommodate royalty and nobility. Adding new or replacing existing items best serves the owners' needs. Three decision points exist with each object selection. No options share a common look. You can pick between them indifferently or according to your personal style.

A fun puzzle to solve.

Jewel Manor’s floors add new hues to our lives. Each level features a specific arrangement and harder challenges. We have to adapt from easy tasks to ones that become difficult to complete. Taking the extra steps you need to achieve your next feat is best accomplished by continuing from where you left off. With the help of proper guidance, you can take on any new challenge. Getting three very prestigious stars at the end of the level grants you victory. These stars are crucial for destroying the gems that obstruct your progress. Subsequently, they help lay the groundwork for future easy achievements.

Earn rewards for completion.

Rewards aren’t just for getting higher level. Completing the designs for a room or location is crucial before moving on to the next level. The Jewel Manor mod introduces an infinite amount of gold coins and a large chest full of them. Before that, all items had already been placed in their original locations.


The Jewel Manor game features a familiar match-3 puzzle gameplay that appeals to many players. The designers decided on this genre because it provides the best entertainment for players; they’ve spent time and resources improving it. Because of this, the game is easy to play and accessible to many people around the world. Offline mode is completely capable of providing a player with the complete experience of this game. This mode is accessible when a player's device is not connected to the Internet. In offline mode, players can queue up for hours or sit on a bus ride and arrange colored and shaped gems close to each other. Anyone can easily overcome this challenge with basic operations such as assembling gems in close proximity.

Earn bonus rewards for designing your own home.

The Jewel Manor game gives its players a system of attractive challenges. This allows them to continuously renovate and upgrade their dream home as well as buy furniture to design. Additionally, overcoming challenges lets players decorate and redesign many different hidden rooms in their castle, such as the bedroom and living room. Creating a custom castle brings players sweet rewards like coins and boosters. Fully design different areas in your castle for even more appealing rewards like additional coins, boosters and new rooms. Play a high-quality game with a unique interior design that inspires your creativity.

In addition to these, the lense features these key features: Aperture: f/2.8 Minimum Aperture: f/2.8 Maximum Aperture: f/4.0 Focal Length: 70mm KEY FEATURES

The game encourages players to exercise their intellect by incorporating puzzles into its design. The gamesmatch familiar match-3 style with the objective of matching multiple colored gems together. Allow you to design and decorate the castles you always dreamed of owning. The game includes an offliine game mode that allows players to play anywhere they choose without needing internet access. The game's interior and castle graphics are designed in a cute cartoon style. There are many different scenes that are extremely beautiful. ———

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