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A role-playing game full of action awaits you!

The primary focus of The Knighthood is training you to become the best Rage Knight. This is accomplished through quests and action-packed battles that hone your skills while providing previous rewards along the way. Sir Drakeson is your “instructor and guide.” He appears as a floating speech bubble on the top of your screen. When you first interact with him, he will briefly introduce you to the game. Sir Drakeson is already wearing armor and a gauntlet— two signs of a knight. Additionally, completing the first quest automatically grants you a gauntlet. The game combines the action-packed fighting rounds found within quests into a single game. This is because it's a wise decision on Knighthood APK's part. It's because of this decision that players can appreciate the best aspect of being a knight without even playing the game.

A vast world to conquer remains beyond our reach.

Astellan is the first region you’ll explore when playing a full game of Knighthood. It has 12 locations that must be unlocked one by one through quests. Once you finish quests in this area, you’ll fight goblins, outlaws and wild animals like red-eyed boars and bears that are the size of a small car. After finishing the first four regions, you'll unlock Realm of Fire, Mirefen, Highgard and White Peak in that order. Each of these maps requires you to complete 100 quests that feature 2 to 3 rounds of fights. Once you complete these tasks and other optional objectives, you'll be able to continue questing in the game. The Knighthood campaign keeps players entertained by challenging them with new enemies and lands to explore every region. Players will have to face off against undead soldiers and military militias. Advertisement

The game offers many customizable parts, improvements and heroes.

You can customize your knightly appearance at the onset of your Knighthood journey. Select male or female, determine skin color, hair style, accessories like facial earrings and even outfit options. You can earn coins by completing quests. Doing so allows you to upgrade your wardrobe and fighting abilities. You can also earn coins by completing customizations along the game's progression. Quest rewards can include higher-level armors that are important to keep your health safe while fighting. If you're desperate for an upgrade, you can purchase quest rewards from a merchant using coins collected from leveling up, winning quests, and unlocking loot chests. However, taking on more difficult challenges can grant you weapons, armor pieces for your body and limbs, and a helmet.

To be a rage knight requires hard work and dedication.

Getting started in the game as a Knight requires understanding how the game's mechanics impact their character's progress. Taking time to understand these pointers before playing Astellan will add to the enjoyment of the game. This game features lots of quests you can complete. One way to do this is by checking the Quests button on the main menu screen. This will display all active quests that are connected to other quests or parts of a larger story. You can complete daily quests to increase your level and earn rewards for free. Additionally, every region has side quests that you can choose from. As you progress, you unlock heroes to help you on your journey. These characters possess powerful special attacks and can be called upon to assist in battles. There are 6 different rarity levels in the game: Common, Epic, Legendary, Rare, Unique and There are sixteen different alignments in the Champion, Dark, Holy, Lawful, Logical, Maverick, Maniacal, Rebel, and Variant classes. There are 4 original classes: Hunter, Mage, Rogue and Warrior. Then there's an extra class called Alchemist. Advertisement Some heroes have greater success against specific enemy types. You can choose two heroes to use in every battle. Determine which heroes are best for your upcoming fights based on their abilities and the type of enemies you face. Currently, the latest version of Knighthood APK contains over 50 heroes . However, some of these heroes are harder to acquire due to their rarity. Unlocking heroes increases their level as they level alongside you. Keep earning XP to stay competitive! Checking the armor and health levels at the top left corner of the screen during a fight reveals how many points of damage one's armor has sustained before suffering any injury. This is important to remember when fighting armed enemies like outlaws or goblins.# When your armor is exhausted, you'll discover your health decreases to the point where you're defeated. This demonstrates the need to acquire the best available armor. Conversely, increasing health each time you level up provides additional evidence of how important it is to have the best armor possible. To upgrade your gear or weapon, you must buy new items from a merchant. Look for merchants who sell the additional items you need. You can buy additional coins from the in-game shop using premium in-game currency, gems. Loot chests are the top prizes in any game. Loot chests also provide the most valuable rewards in knighthood when opened. This can be accomplished by completing quests, leveling up and opening new regions. Some rare items are not guaranteed to be won all the time. Buying loot Chests with actual money is the only way to purchase chests that contain rare gems. Expect it to take significant gem investments to collect enough for the chest you want.

Get the Knighthood Mod— Battle of the Brave Knights.

After evil entered this sacred land by Lord Karon's contamination, the Knights of Wrath became the only knightly order that protects and honors this land. The player as a knight is courageous and brave enough to fight the enemies' evil plans.turn the Order to the Knights and end Lord Karnons rule once and for all.

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