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Introduce Lifeline as a subject.

A Wisdom Adventure and a Judgment Story arc make up this work.

A weirdly difficult mobile game is included in the app.

While story-based games can be challenging to play due to larger story files, they're also boring because of the lack of interaction. I'm sure this will change once you start playing Lifeline. When you play this game, don't assume anything you see is true; instead, pay close attention to what is happening right in front of you. Behind the words, descriptions and circumstances of characters lie many secrets. As players progress through the game, increasingly difficult circumstances force them to use their intellect to figure out solutions and decide which action is best. This game contains a compelling plot because it revolves around someone trying to connect with you instead of just escaping. With instructions, this person hopes to find a way out as they suffer through the loneliest misery. The game did a great job setting the stage before important decisions were made. This allows the player to truly empathize with the caller's fear, loneliness and lack of understanding. Additional information is needed regarding the plot of Lifeline.


A science fiction novel by Dave Justus takes inspiration from the Lifeline radio series. The storyline revolves around Taylor, one of the lost astronauts stranded on a strange planet after a spacecraft from Earth crashed. Only one person remains alive in Lifeline; Taylor, who is connected to the game through an intercom. Her only mission in the game is to find a way back to Earth. Considering how many people are missing, it may be difficult to find a solution.

Look to your personal accountability for each decision.

The entire game is a text message dialogue between the player and Taylor. To save Taylor, players must closely follow Taylor's descriptions of the situation through news articles. Afterwards, players should judge the situation and give appropriate instructions to help. You need to answer Taylor when she asks you a question by choosing an option from a list. Subsequent changes to the plot will follow based on your answer. In addition, the ending will vary based on which choice you make. Because of the accessible opening sequence, the importance of the individual on the phone becomes apparent. Any input to the situation, from any direction, has a direct impact on that person's survival. The game drives players to seriously consider this romantic relationship and demonstrate restraint no longer joking. Expand your involvement with the storyline and preserve one or more lives on a distant planet to accomplish a positive goal.

Learning multiple languages and enhancing your mind at the same time.

The game is available in many languages including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, English and German. Players have one more reason to play the game if they want to learn a foreign language because Lifeline forces players to use creative words and grammar rules ingrained in their minds. I found increased vocabulary while studying from the dictionary. Playing my game also helped me understand how much of a language upgrade I’d achieved. Building critical thinking abilities has numerous benefits thanks to a good game.

Every decision needs to follow an implicit rule.

The game is allegedly considered too easy to play. It functions like other mobile simulator novels with no significant difference. What makes Lifelines a quality title is the exceptional tension provided by the dialogue exchanges between the character and Taylor. The underlying idea behind making a choice in any given game is to follow an implicit rule. Practically speaking, 90% of the time this rule proves highly effective. Before making a final decision on a question, please read a few more sentences of Taylor's previous dialogue. Her hints for what to do often appear when you read these lines again. Before determining how to treat the injury, a doctor must accurately describe the object used as a weapon along with its location and victim's overall health. Then, the patient must recall Taylor's statement about the object's appearance, location and victim, which forces clinicians to make tough choices. Removing it can cause bloodshot eyes and death due to exsanguination. Leaving it in can cause an untreatable infection. Everything Taylor tells the player needs to align with the story, the current situation and the reasoning behind it. There's no point in making any choices that contradict this logic. Because of this, many game romantic novels offer similar choices. Any misstep can prematurely snuffout a whole colony of settlers adrift in space. constantly keep in mind that Taylor must make it to the end and be rescued back to Earth.


The game Lifeline takes place in a fantasy world on the moon. The story is inspired by a story written by famous writer Dave Justus. It revolves around a astronaut character who suffers a mishap and has to land on the moon. There is no one to be found in this video game's setting. The protagonist, Taylor, can only be found in a place devoid of any living beings. His crew members have all perished. Due to the fact that some of his body parts are missing, he is completely unable to function. He is the only person that Taylor can communicate with, and from there, a difficult and important mission unfolds for you. You need to help Taylor through difficult situations and guide him away from his helplessness.

Every story turns on your decision.

Lifeline’s gameplay is uncomplicated; its text chat function is what drives the game. you need to do is read and choose.

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