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Renovating the Forgotten Garden requires an immense amount of time, effort and money.

The world is completely aesthetically pleasing at first glance. However, some areas initially appear dull and lifeless. Consequently, players must restore the desolated areas by taking on grayed-out landscapes with feathered birds and blossoming trees. Because of this, restoring the world's beauty will take a significant amount of time. Dandelion is a new plant created through the fusion of three initial plants. This process is necessary to view the garden from a comprehensive perspective and add new elements over time. You can see this in action by placing Dandelion near three other Dandelions in close proximity. As dandelions age, their nectar becomes vital to the overall health of the garden. This nectar revives other elements, which help restore the garden's balance.

merge as many things as possible into one.

Additional hummingbirds can be hatched from three eggs. They don't take long to hatch and can start working as soon as they are born. This substance is needed to restore the garden's creation. These birds will help unlock additional gray elements by providing nectar. You must constantly care for them in order to maintain this vital role. Additionally, you need to regularly feed them so they can fulfill this vital role. New resources can be mined by placing plants in close proximity to each other. Combine overlapping resources to create new plants or different birds. Each type of tree has unique properties and will produce many valuable products later in the game. At the beginning of the game, players will face a problem shared by all: there are too few common elements. This need not concern players; the game includes a solution that easily remedied this.

Play three match games to complete the challenge.

Merging Gardens require players to complete match-three levels to discover many valuable and similar elements. These rewards then appear in the garden for players to collect. Touching on a subject completely emulates your gardening duties. Doing so reveals the warts and imperfections of life, which you then polish away. The match-three puzzle gameplay mirrors many other games for similar reasons. In order to achieve a certain amount of points, you need to meet an objective and the number of turns required for each match-three level. After you complete the level and have some moves left, it will help you earn more points. When selecting gifts for a game, players can choose whatever space on the screen accommodates their choices. Players should expect a long process of beautifying the garden with a lot of dandelion nectar; this will also open up other areas to explore.

Create a garden that was lost and restore it.

Doing a small and manageable renovation first allows you to see past the veil of your luxurious home. Discovering new areas and unlocking secrets by clearing fog makes the rest of your project even more fun. Create gardens according to your desired style. Do you prefer ornate or antique designs? Add traditional decorations to your style to create a perfect location. Alternatively, choose more modern decorations to craft an amazing setting.

By winning, the contest grants access to the female garden’s higher tier.

Matching three fruits in a line or more clears a path to new rewards in this match-3 adventure. Switch and match pears, lemons, grapes and apples to create a puzzle that your garden comes to life. Switch matching items between two rows to plan your moves wisely. Additionally, clearing apples will reward you with rainbow cascades! Grow a garden by matching fruits in increasingly challenging levels. Unlock new features like exotic wildlife and mysteries by choosing rewards that are extravagant.

The act of collecting cosmetics and ownership thereof is referred to as cosmetic collection.

Merge Gardens need to be filled with live plants, trees and crops to sparkle and bloom. Grow your garden by nurturing wildlife in the park. Evolve and upgrade your birds and bugs to create legendary creatures that care for your land while you're away. Merge rare creatures to live in your estate and take care of your land while you're away. By collecting coins, wood and gems, the player can purchase more items at the shop and unlock additional rooms. Completely filling the shop with beautiful and matching items like honey pots and plush brick walls gives the player even more to choose from when arranging matches. The game also includes mythical creatures that players can hatch by interacting with eggs.

Only challenges and fun questions can be used as a plot element.

Merge Gardens features hundreds of challenging matches across three different levels. The puzzles can be solved either while camping or in the Merge Gardens proper. Complete these matches to unlock hundreds of customizable puzzles and combos. There are also optional boosters that can change points, remove or explode. ———

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