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Use diamonds at will.
Witches-Match Puzzles, a popular puzzle game, has recently launched its latest version 4.11.0 mod, which allows players to use diamonds at will.
The game involves matching potions and solving puzzles to advance to higher levels.
Diamonds are a valuable in-game currency that enables players to purchase power-ups and upgrades.
With the latest mod, players can now use diamonds unlimitedly, giving them a significant advantage in the game.
This latest update has further enhanced the appeal of the game, which has been downloaded millions of times across the globe.

Download Merge Witches mod to restore the sky city.

The destructive forces conjured up a calamity that left the metropolis in an airborne state heavily devastated. To rescue it, mages employed their ultimate fusion magic. Create a form that brings joy to everyone through any means necessary. To gather the same items for everyone, you will use this magic. As your performance increases, continue to develop the utility of this spell and eventually regain its original state. This will help you become very efficient at magic. Unlocking higher levels faster increases the amount of resources gathered. Resuscitate this once-great city.

Gain additional creatures by collecting them.

You must incubate the eggs, which are the only way to create new power. Subsequently, each successive level will yield more creatures, eggs and babies that you can collect. This will increase your productivity, as well as provide you with a significant amount of experience. Finding helpful creatures such as elves, phoenixes, trolls and dragons is vital to our quest. Even if they seem ugly or threatening, we must hunt them down and add them to our collection. This is because their lifespans grant us eternal energy.

Solve the puzzles by beating them.

Merge Witches has more than 300 puzzle levels. The goal of each group is to merge intelligently to complete the level. Each time the level increases in difficulty by one, for a total of over 300 different levels. Finding victory in one-of-a-kind entertaining levels is easy. You don’t need to think too hard to discover buildings, creatures or sprouts. Every level has a unique conclusion, so you can always count on a fresh experience. Consistently implement the correct actions to achieve your desired end in the fastest way. Combine common elements to create a flawless whole.

Additional quest.

We have many additional daily tasks besides the puzzles' main quests. These daily tasks give you the opportunity to earn rewards that you need. Merge Witches grants increased experience when played; it also increases the amount of coins, diamonds and expertise earned when the player works hard.

Use magic every day.

Merging Witches requires solving many puzzles. The journey to find peace isn’t easy, as new challenges pop up each round. Many of the merging Witches’ jobs require different duties. A beautiful witch will rule the nursery and use her magic to make plants bloom. Subsequently, other witches in the research room create apprentice witches to increase the number of inhabitants living in the city. When puzzling, look for similar objects that pair up in threes or twos. Another version of the object will appear if combined again. The city’s magic can improve the functionality of over 200 different animal species. Additional technical items in the city — over 400 types — can regenerate in a different form.

The game features a Levels System.

Start as a Merge Witch by understanding how to merge similar objects in over 300 preset levels. The levels range from easy to hard, so players must use their intelligence to combine similar elements into weapons to fight monsters. New quests arrive in the inbox every time levels 321 to 330 are released. Like a game of chess, it's imperative we choose the right move for this campaign. Magic collecting and exploration lie in wait at every stage of the game. Earn special rewards for completing each new request. Metrics increase in star magnitude as you progress through the game. By recording your performance results on the leaderboard, you can show off your high scores to all players.

Experience events for the greater good.

By participating in additional Merge Witch events or special occasions, additional rewards can be obtained in addition to earned experience points. Additional rewards are obtained by participating in challenges alongside the leveling process. To create a new variant with the help of Facebook, simply link your account. We also provide a link to connect your account with Facebook quickly to invite friends to play the game. In doing so, you'll battle the invasion of alien monsters as a sorcerer master.

Become a powerful witch through hard work and study.

In Merge Witches, you can always find a fun time to participate. Life after being turned upside down by monsters for witches isn’t easy; change your form into one of them and help tackle the problem with specific activities. Create new items, hatch eggs and create cute little warrior babies. This game borrows elements from beautiful 3D graphics technology to present a sense of place. Players will witness witches and monsters in combat, with reviews encouraged to be left if well pleased. ———

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