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The game Ninja Assassin Stealth is an action RPG set in an ancient open world Japan. The storyline takes place in the Sengoku and Edo periods and follows a ninja who hunts samurai fighter in Japan. The game's high difficulty hide and seek style gameplay is characterized by high obstacles and stealth assassinations. FEATURES include a 3d model of aaa japan city, prop, npc face, katana skill motion, swimming, climbing, hand grenade stealth control system, real samurai face 3d model, and a system to kill samurai by moving quickly. Additionally, the game has a shobi horse component. This enables users to quickly perform tenchu sword combat without being detected and use grappling hooks or sport ninjas to increase their character's combat skills. In addition to this, players can utilize tools such as stealth system and grapple hooks to increase their hunting success rate in the game. This survival simulation comes with many guards that patrol each area. The Creed story is one of 3D real survival that incorporates hunter thief assassin ghost sniper weapons into a fun and engaging action-based game. It features various types of hunter thief assassin ghost sniper weapons, including basic sword-wielding guards. These guards are the most common fight brain sniper enemy shooting sport and can throw light projectiles to kill the player. You need to stealthily kill criminals to disrupt underground deals, eliminate criminal gangs hiding in the shadows and assassinate supreme leaders of brain crime driving forces. You primarily use stealth to avoid or overcome opponents while staying hidden in light, sound and hiding spots. Key aspects of the genre's games include lighting, sound and hiding spots being easy to utilize in order to focus on precise kills and swift 3-4 step combos. These are mechanically simple elements that allow players to plan out and execute a single objective: avoiding detection or killing criminals quickly. A player can blend in with their surroundings by ghosting, rolling through shadows or sticking to the shadows. Additionally, they can use disguises, smoke bombs or blades to take down their prey. On top of that, they can use shurikens or smoke bombs to surprise enemies before dispatching them with quick combos. ———

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