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I always dreamed of becoming a pilot so I can fly anywhere in the world. Many other people have shared this same dream. However, it's practically impossible to become a pilot right now. Becoming a pilot involves passing a number of tests related to both health and expertise. These two criteria must be met in order to become a co-pilot; additional qualifications are necessary for becoming a pilot. Even after meeting these standards, becoming a pilot can take an extended amount of time— and complying with strict rules while learning the ropes can be challenging. Technology can help you achieve your dreams no matter how hard the challenge is. You need to create a pilot simulation. Finding high-quality games can be hard. Finding a game with solid graphics and authentic gameplay can be even harder. However, there are many great games out there. One of the best is RFS – Real Flight Simulator. RFS is a flight simulation RPG developed by RORTOS, one of the most popular companies in the market. RORTOS researched and simulated an airplane called RFS to create a more realistic flight simulator game for mobile devices. RFS – Real Flight Simulator is an exceptional flight simulator crafted by years of experience. Its every aspect is flawlessly calculated and represented, from the size of planes to the angle of cockpits. Check out our write-up for more information about this game below.


RFS — Real Flight Simulator — is an educational flight simulator that provides a full view of the plane’s operation, as well as plane piloting and automatic modes. It allows users to experience different planes unlike traditional flight simulators that only allow users to control the plane in the cockpit. Besides air traffic and runway issues, you need to address major issues involving 3D maps, runways and procedures. You must regularly check your in-game real-time map to determine your location in the sky. You must watch the flight path carefully to identify obstacles that stand out from the rest. This helps you make sensible decisions about your flight's safety by allowing you to take corrective measures as soon as possible. You must contact air traffic control on the ground as soon as you locate your intended destination's flight route. Then, they must issue a landing order to ensure safe arrival. You can view famous locations such as pyramids, sphinxes and the great wall from the air. Flying allows you to see all the missions of a pilot; it's a unique and memorable experience. Even minor flight complications like engine failure or bad weather can lead to difficulty in operations. However, this is the time when you need to stay calm and make the safest decision for the airport.

High-quality 3D graphics is featured in many games.

Real Flight Simulator's graphics are one of the game's most impressive features. The game accurately shows the terrain from above, making it easy to understand. To better imagine RFS – Real Flight Simulator's graphics, use the satellite view on your map. The game's pixels look more similar to each other than the graphics in Original Route FS, but they are more detailed.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator + OBB through the APK.

To install RFS – Real Flight Simulator for free on your Android device, follow the steps below. You can currently purchase it for $0.99 through the Google Play app store. After downloading the RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK file we provided, install it normally. Once installed, launch the app and enjoy.

Get the RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK for Android free of charge.

Isn’t this game an exceptional piece of work? Do you need to hesitate any longer before accessing it through the links below our text? If you encounter complications with the installation, please post a comment and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

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Many mobile games center around airplanes and flight. However, not many offer the full flight experience. Most only allow players to perform basic plane controls. RFS Real Flight Simulator is the best flight simulator if you want to enjoy the full experience. It has over a million downloads, which show that it's the best. In this game, you can make flights with complicated routes. The game features over 40,000 airport flights per day, along with realistic day and night cycles. Additionally, there are over 4,000 airline flights daily. You can chat with other players while playing with others! Can you fly the plane? Advertisement

RFS Real Flight Simulator has specific features that set it apart from other flight simulators.

RFS Real Flight Simulator lets you fly an airplane in real life, making it a very unique game. Plus, it has these additional features: While flight games typically only use pushable buttons to move around, many lack the realism needed for some people. This is why some people prefer RFS Real Flight Simulator. This game provides the most realistic airplane experience thanks to its use of moving parts, levers and other mechanisms. With this ride, you get a hands-on flying experience. You can land, takeoff and fly all in one ride! This game includes in-game day and night cycles; you can also design flight plans with ease. More advanced features are accessible through a series of controls such as fuel, the cockpit and the plane itself. Before you fly an airplane, you need to pay attention to the weather. This is because flying a plane requires years of study and practice. Furthermore, you need to monitor the weather throughout your flight so you can adjust course accordingly. The game can accurately portray real weather by allowing players to adjust wind speed and direction as well as weather conditions. Advertisement Adding extra enjoyment to the game is achieved through multiplayer.n play with a lot of other pilots! Here, you can communicate with other pilots and coordinate together.

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