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Due to equipment damage, ships needed repair. However, the machinery still functions. You have to instruct the ships to leave the spaceship and explore the planet's resources. This process is necessary to gather information about the planet's natural resources. Start the renovation of the Spaceship by gathering important resources and artifacts. Create a large-scale factory on the planet to improve mining operations. Use information gathered to gradually approach the goal of understanding everything on the planet. After that, develop new technologies to better spacecrafts. You need to find resources before you can create advanced technologies. These include wood, copper ore, iron and other important minerals like petroleum. You also need granite and metals to create factories. To repair the spaceship, you need more than just that. You need to combine more rare materials to create even more advanced technologies. Without stopping, searching for new resources and continually developing them without interruption. The size of the plant will continually grow until it encompasses the entire planet.

In search of the crew currently lost to them.

As an artificial intelligence on board a space craft, you have to repair the malfunctioning craft and locate the missing crew. Because of this, we need a mechanic to find the lost crew and rebuild the spacecraft. Crews need to travel through many places thanks to their separation from the manufacturing plant. Many crews members disappear into the distance. You'll soon find other inhabitants exist alongside war soon to rage.

Many encounters with otherworldly races.

Monsters from this planet appear at random moments. They don’t welcome the arrival of humans to their planet. Search engines will find them at any moment. Build a space-based fighting machine and attack the monsters. Build weapon systems in a place where the monsters are located and fight them in a war. There are many races of monsters living on this planet. Create a protective wall to shield the factory from their invasion. Create lines to fight and obliterate them with a final cleanse of danger.

New inventions are created through research and development.

Combining resources from the alien world with our current scientific knowledge will create a brand new technology. Our spaceship carries many modern tools and machines, which speeds up the development process. Creating chemical reactions into modern machines and equipment speeds up the process even more. This group used metals and plastics created for industrial purposes to create new and innovative technologies. Thanks to their unconventional methods, they developed their technology faster than other groups. Their first invention was the creation of new explosives and tools out of rarely used materials. Renew the spaceship and update its technological arsenal. Then search for a way to leave this place with new innovative tools. Find resources to continue investigating science. Create a large production line for refurbishing spacecraft. Defend the earth from the arrival of multiple mysterious races. Download ReFactory as an act of creating true artificial intelligence to replace the broken one. After that, return home and salvage what remains of the horrific event.

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Live the life you love and take responsibility for your actions on a gigantic planet!

A mobile game usually classified as a sandbox is ReFactory.

ReFactory focuses on creating a sandbox game, which is a game focused on creation. This allows players to create whatever they want in the game without limitations. A good mix of different game genres can create an awesome experience for players. Games that offer a wide range of options, but don’t have a specific goal are considered sandboxes— they’re considered one of the best genres for creativity. A typical Sandbox game, such as MineCraft or Elite, facilitates multiple functions in a vast open space. This is different from regular games where the primary objective is to complete missions and tasks. Instead, these games provide flexibility to players by giving them room to try out new roles and jobs. Players in these games can also add new features to the game or even facilitate them by themselves.

ReFactory was founded in 2017 by Yoon-Suk Lee and Seung-Min Son. The company's stated goals are to create more services to benefit the public and to provide better living conditions for employees.

ReFactory takes place in a sandbox universe where the player creates a world governed by their own rules. An alien planet features an automated factory that maintains its pristine state and mysteriousness.


The story takes place in the distant future of humanity. A spacecraft on a mission to explore the galaxy unexpectedly suffered damage to its navigation system. As a result, the vessel plummeted into a dangerous situation. No one could have possibly prevented or repaired this damage without proper planning and preparation. During a chance encounter, the ship came to rest on a mysterious world. Thanks to the miracle, passengers lived to tell the tale after surviving on a foreign planet. Once the crew members leave their post on the planet, they become completely lost. The spaceship's artificial intelligence needs to search the entire planet for crew members. However, broken pieces of equipment litter the ground where they once stood. How will the AI retrieve these pieces and locate his people?

A planet that feels like a haven even though it exhibits unusual characteristics.

ReFactory's educational nature makes it a great choice for any game looking to immerse players into a bleak setting. As it shows, this planet supplies everything you need: wood, iron, petroleum, crystals, and granite. Additionally, copper ore is included in the gathering process for making components for machines and electrical wires.ools from the spaceships debris to exploit and accumulate these materials. They will be the first step in restoring the ship.

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