Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter Mod Info

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Gem (Go claim daily quest reward then you are all set)
3. Attack Multiplier
4. Defense Multiplier
5. God Mode

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Shadow Slayer APK 1.1.74 2022 includes the following features.

In Foliga, a peaceful world once beset by darkness, the hero pursues an adventure. Wandering through the land, they encounter undead bosses in every corner. Our player can slash and hack away at these in-imminent threats. You’re about to enter a war unlike any other! This is the age-old battle of the century. Equip your hero with the epic powers of the century to begin this fight now! Improve your skills and unlock new abilities in order to explore all possibilities of this new action hack & slash game while fighting monsters. Then assemble your friends and fellow heroes to fight in this anime fighting RPG. You’ll find it full of opportunities to battle fierce enemies, unlock skills and power up your hero to the max! There are chests filled with mysterious items everywhere in the game! You need to be resourceful in order to find them. This game is filled with epic boss battles, tons of different monsters and equipment to help you defeat your enemies. This game is legendary!★ MASSIVE BOSS BATTLEEvery battle with a boss will be massive, bloody and hard-fought. You need to be well prepared, practice your fighting skills and equip yourself with the best equipment if you want to win this epic struggle. There are multiple playable characters and each has a unique skill set and gameplay.★ EXPLORE, SLAY & LEVEL UPMultiple bosses and monsters await you in the game's dungeons. You'll need to train your fighting abilities if you want to fight them. Then, it's time for an epic battle! If you want to level up before fighting the bosses, this is the perfect game for you.★ MULTIPLE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS AND SKILLSThe game will let you play as multiple characters who have different skills, approaches to combat and gameplay elements. Each will offer a different way to play the game that's fun and unique— so don't miss out on this opportunity! The game will also feature chests filled with mysterious items in every corner Avoid seeking out a valuable item because it's hard to find. Go hunting anytime of the day or night. Keep playing even when offline! * Get more information and support through our social media channels:Facebook: Group: ———

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