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The regional and global team available to join is implied by the title.

Only rewards are given after challenges are finished. You learn a lot about facing otherworldly performers thanks to your experience in both streets and large venues. You're fearless and highly skilled, and you pride yourself on that.

Challenges grant rewards only after completing them.

You'll face many tough challenges as you climb to the top of glory. Each opponent approaches victory in a unique way. By challenging them head-on, you'll develop new strategies. This way, you can perfect your existing skills and improve on any weaknesses or flaws. By becoming the best player in the world, you’ll earn the ultimate glory. After each Shooting Hoops match, participants have the opportunity to win balls, rockets or cash thanks to a special prize drawing. Additionally, participants can win useful accessories like masks or costumes.

Create a unique look with an expressed personality.

Different costumes give players the opportunity to create their own unique looks in sports simulation games. Shooting Hoops features fully novel reviews that allow players to choose outfits for their character. Not only can players change their clothes, they can even change their entire head to toe. When speaking about sport shoes, players instantly think of their sports equipment. You also receive rewards for winning sporting events! Heads up— other essential pieces of equipment are athletic gear like the headband and mask.

Additional day and night settings were added with the release of new modes.

The Shooting Hoops daily missions will keep you on your toes. As time goes on, the tasks you need to complete get harder. That's because each day's mission is a new, tough challenge. These exciting tasks keep you entertained and coming back for more. I love that the game has a night and day cycle. During this time, players must complete a series of light challenges before the cycle repeats.

Double doubling your skills by improving the environment increases your understanding.

In 1-on-1 game mode, fierce competition with a single opponent takes place. Emitting heat like no other stadium, this arena rivals anything else. With the experience and items you own, defeat your opponent to win many victories and increase your chances of advancing further into the final round. You can also improve the performance if you organize a rematch tournament. Alternatively, you can choose to pursue other goals if the performance isn’t up to par.

Basketball set collection is a common pursuit.

There is one particularly valuable award among the many you’ve earned. After each level up, check in with your peers to share new tricks and knowledge. Next, hone your shooting skills. Then, take down the baskets when shooting the orb with confidence. Every basketball tournament possesses its own soul, which is revealed through the ornaments of each fruit. Each match likewise conveys a significant and meaningful gift. Basketball fans hope to win the trophy every year.

Become a talented basketball player.

A new game is available today that rewards players for their love of sports with a positive association. Called 3pt Contest, it features characters with special abilities who fight in a lively space. Each character has advantages over the other based on their outfits, gear and previous experience. To pick a character and get started, players just need to choose a fighter and outfit them appropriately. In the game, you must perform well and coordinate with other tactics to win. You can move using a simple operation using just enough force to accurately toss the ball into the basket. Additionally, you can use a coordinated effort to successfully throw the ball into the basket.

fierce competition with other competitors

The 3pt Contest offers you the opportunity to perfect your skills, gain new knowledge and demonstrate your talents in larger arenas. This game comes with ten regional and global contests for you to experience and express yourself. You need to practice carefully to learn how to play and control your game effectively at first levels. Additionally, you'll face off against other players through each level. Your enemy will have their own challenges and countermeasures— so you need to be aware of your goal of victory.

Facing difficult challenges.

To keep players engaged, the game comes with new features each time they play. Because the challenge increases with each level, preparing to fight other opponents is a necessity. Losing against them even if you don’t put effort into it can happen due to the nature of their matchups. This means that a high-ranked skill is necessary for all players. In addition to passing the ball through the goal without much effort, you have the freedom to create your own strategies. For maximum effectiveness, use a moderate amount of force when passing the ball. After completing some additional levels, you’ll face additional challenges that you must overcome.

From different game genres, experience a wide array of exciting game modes.

There are two distinct game modes— day and night — that provide a dynamic playing space for the game. You can choose to play in these modes as you progress through the game. In night mode, you can unlock more appealing features than what you can unlock during the day. Throughout each level, you’ll find useful presents and collectables that you can use to help you in your battles. Work hard to earn experience and become the best player; this will help you win the level confidently. ———

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