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A superhero movie turned into a zombie story!

In the action RPG Undead City: Zombie Survival, superheroes fight zombies that appear in the city out of nowhere. A super hero able to wield magic faces it? You control them and use various magic to defeat zombified enemies that appear on the screen.

Erase the lines of the undead with destruction!

Move the hero around the screen by dragging the cursor. Avoid enemies and their attacks by moving around them. Also use special attack skills to mitigate damage. Killing enemies grants experience items that allow players to increase characters' levels and unlock new skills. Break through the chapters of each stage by gaining multiple upgrades. Zombie Survival features no stamina limit and two battle modes. Van Saba’s style of top-down action RPG pits the characters against each other in a battle for Krillin’s death. In addition to permanent enhancements with equipment, the game features systems within the stage. The characteristic is the defining quality of the genre, and it's advantageous that stamina limits don’t exist. Because of this, users can challenge the stage as long as time permits. When creating work within this genre, it's impossible to create something higher ranked without using the same equipment— unless armor and rings are matched in type and rank. Using these materials in place of arranging them precisely would create a higher ranked creation.

Equipment and training with a useable alternate operation character are included.

Clearing the stage allows you to obtain resources such as diamonds. These can be used to draw gacha cards, which provide equipment with special abilities. By combining equipment, such as Hatsune Miku or Hatsune Liger, characters can level up and rank up. Additional upgrades are available through the purchase of funds. Additionally, it is possible to change the operating character — hero — and upgrade it using money.

Tips on playing the game early.

There's a mandatory tutorial early in the game that you need to complete. Doing so will allow you to progress through the first few stages. When in battle, you can pickup diamonds that are used for equipment gatchas. This is a good time to gather necessary resources since it’s easier to defeat enemies during this time. ———

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