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Shows that stream exclusively to the Original Shows Streaming App include these.

WeTV is a K- and C-drama streaming platform that mainly features shows from Image Future. It’s one stop shop for Asian drama as well as variety shows. This app is now one of the most popular alternatives to mainstream shows for Asian drama fans. It has added a lot of extra features to its original Netflix-like service that many users appreciate. This includes unique and common ones like Netflix's Watch Instantly feature. If you're still unsure whether this app is worth your time, we've provided these 6 reasons so you can make an informed decision!

There's a wide selection of original movies, dramas and variety shows to choose from.

WeTV is a streaming service that mainly features K-drama and C-drama shows. It also hosts thousands of movies, shows and variety programs that appeal to most viewers. Since it's an original service, you can't find this kind of content on Netflix, Hulu or Hotstar Premium APK. Additionally, WeTV hosts a wide variety of content that you can’t find anywhere else. Advertisement New shows arrive every week; you can be sure to avoid tedium by planning ahead. If you need entertainment, there are plenty of options. People picked the recommendations based on your interests and tastes. They’re listed below.

WeTV VIP allows you to watch extra content ahead of time. This Reason #2 is a part of the description.

Most people don't pay a premium membership fee to use the WeTV app. But VIP subscribers get access to a lot of extra features when paying a small additional fee. Access extra content before everyone else by purchasing a premium subscription. New series appear on the Watch list with a blue badge. Downloads are limitless. There are no advertisements in this app. There are different price ranges available within these pages. From $5.99 to $54.99, this material has everything you need. Subscribers can cancel anytime; however, they can also elect to provide their requirements and finances into consideration when picking a plan.

The third reason why boxes are neat is because they neatly categorize specific items.

It’s very important for a streaming service to have different categories for each movie and show. WeTV provides this feature by categorizing movies and shows into several different lists. Advertisement Dramas Entertainment Movies You can view all the movies and shows organized by their popularity, release date and how many stars they received. You can also view all the movies that are VIP-only or completely free.

The fact that the app is easy to use and responds quickly makes this reason effective.

In order to properly gauge the app's overall quality, it's important to consider the size. This is because the smaller size doesn't take up much space on an individual's device. This app is easy to use, fast and provides all necessary features without additional cost. Plus, it's highly responsive and user-friendly.

High-quality subtitles and HD are reason number five for watching movies.

When using this app to stream videos, you can choose between different video qualities. This means your data usage is drastically reduced because each option is HD — even 360p — while also boasting Bluray quality. Another advantage of using this app is that it's free; two more reasons to download it immediately. Their service also includes closed captions for those who need them.

A reason why the app can be downloaded without internet access is because it's listed in the "Download Offline" category.

Offline downloads let you access your videos directly through the app. This is great because it eliminates the need for an internet connection to view your movies and shows. Another benefit is that you can download the videos onto your phone, even when no internet connection is present. ———

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