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Unlimited Money
Guitar Girl Match 3 is a fun and addictive puzzle game that's perfect for music lovers and casual gamers alike.
The game features cute and colorful graphics, along with simple mechanics that are easy to pick up but challenging to master.
With unlimited money in the APK 1.2.1 version, players can purchase in-game items and upgrades without worrying about running out of resources.
The objective of the game is to swap gems and match three or more in a row, clearing the board and earning points in the process.
Overall, Guitar Girl Match 3 is a delightful way to pass the time and enjoy some simple yet satisfying gameplay.

Use the Guitar Girl Match 3 mod to listen ot guitar sounds.

Unlock costumes for the girl by completing puzzles in each level. Solve quests to unlock more music and earn badges dropped from winning battles. Make sure to listen to the melodious music provided by the girl to create your own entertainment space. Clothing isn’t enough to change how she looks; a guitar has to be added. Complete the house by collecting each unlockable object and playing the piano while playing the game. Unlock the guitar shape and outfit by solving puzzles. The girl playing a guitar will boost your mood as you play.

Completeing the house as a project.

The main characters life changes based on which badges drop when the girl solves each puzzle level. Change the background surrounding her by constantly listening to her guitar playing, so that she can live a colorful life. Additionally, changing the context around her keeps her locked in a house that changes with each new puzzle level she solves. Unlock different play spaces by changing the appearance of closed furniture, including classrooms and city streets. From there, you can decorate each of the game’s scenes to create many different guitar rooms. Complete all the necessary requirements to collect a complete image.

A fashion challenge requires a style change.

You can choose to be the main protagonist of the game and decide how she dresses. Win the challenges of the game by collecting jewels for the girl. Dress her up with more than 14 different outfits to match each situation. Change the appearance of the girl through her guitar playing, and select an outfit to fit the occasion. You can also alter the appearance of the girl to your liking by changing over 16 guitar tones to your liking. Give the girl the best look by choosing the best guitar for you. She should also wear the best outfit and guitar combination for the best effect.

A puzzle that is gentle and free of harsh edges.

Guitar Girl Match 3 contains a light puzzle game with a mellow tune. The guitar themed game is different from other light puzzle games thanks to its soothing music and puzzle style. Complete each stage by manipulating candies in sequence to cause a chain reaction. Adjust the candy arrangement at each stage to adjust for new obstacles. Additionally, face new challenges with each new stage. Connecting candies requires careful thought before the game ends. As you progress through the game, connecting candies becomes more complicated. This is because connecting the candies requires you to make multiple decisions. Once you finish the candy puzzle, you’ll enter the guitar tuning phase. In each level of this candy puzzle game, you must match three or more candies to finish the challenge. To successfully complete a challenge, you need to refresh the arrangement of sweets. After successfully completing a challenge, you are awarded a badge. Find guitar outfits for each song by unlocking furniture in the room. Complete the girls' room with furniture to complete it. The Guitar Girl Match 3 mod enhances the entertainment value by changing scenes. Switch between scenes for different kinds of relaxing moments.

Both a simple game system and a challenge system make this title challenging.

Consider the gameplay of a game when searching for the best entertainment option. Many games use familiar puzzle-solving methods to make solving puzzles easy for Guitar Girl Match 3 players. Each round presents players with new puzzles to solve by using simple math skills. The game provides challenging puzzles that require players to think outside the box to complete. By matching cookies, jellies and colored candies in three matches, players can earn achievements. Earn rewards by solving puzzles that increase in difficultly depending on your skills. These puzzles continuously change combinations as you progress.


When playing this game you can unlock the main character with more than 14 costumes and 16 different types of guitar. Additionally, the special game features need to be unlocked in order to give the girl the best look. This is because meeting the main character inspires an emotional connection that's hard to match. And since there’s a challenge system in place, players need to achieve the reward to get a higher score. You can update the in-game environment in many different contexts around your protagonist's life. Many unique locations have been designed such as classrooms, picnic spots, girls' rooms and busy city streets. All scenes have been crafted with an incredible level of detail, realism and beauty. They're even compatible with Guitar Girl Match 3!

Key features of the product include:

The game's creator built it based on a famous match-three puzzle genre with many added features that provide high entertainment. The game’s puzzles require players to complete simple tasks to solve them. This is to match the challenges’ difficulty levels. Players aim to fashion the main character through the game by overcoming the initial challenge. After you beat the game, you can use up to 16 guitar types and 14 costumes. The graphics demonstrate how brilliantly and honestly they portray the characters' emotions and the surrounding environments. ———

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