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The story in this action game impresses players with its depth across platforms.


Traum is the world the 12 gods of Undecember created in harmony. They hoped to live together in peace and share power as they ruled the heavens. However, like humans, each god has a dark side that caused tremendous strife among them. Evil required thirteen gods to defeat. A dozen dark sides joined together to create the thirteenth god. Soon, a war ensued that involved all of the assembled gods' power. A thousand-year sleep overtook the Aurors after their victory was assured. Their sudden loss forced the final god to seal itself away. The descendants of Traum continue to search for the 12 Aurors many years after their summoning. They use every opportunity to link their spells and summon the guardians back into the world. Once summoned, success was achieved in summoning them once again. When the 12 gods returned to their original state, joy filled the entire world. However, no one realized that the darkness would soon return, as a power born from it has once again come into being. A future exists in which light and dark battle to win control of the world.


You begin your quest as a divine being of light. First you must locate the strength to confront the impending war with greater force. Players have complete control over the gender and weapon choice for their character. They also have access to two alternative skill tables, one of which changes every battle. The tables' combination changes constantly and provides many different battles in the game. In typical multiplayer online game fashion, December features three main classes: Archer, Mage and Warrior. Each class features a basic progression curve and can freely combine multiple fighting styles, weapons and playstyles. However, the game doesn’t focus on separating classes like some other classic MMORPGs. These battles present new and exciting scenarios because of their diverse and unique composition. For example, warriors can still perform magic spells and change their elemental type while Mages can swap out multiple elemental types for melee combos. In many other games with similar genres, improving a character's skills follows a singular path. October broke this concept by allowing players to choose from many different upgrades instead of just one. People can also refer to this as "Hybrid Upgrade." Completing each stage rewards you with a large number of valuable items. Combining them properly with acquired skills creates a unique character with special fighting qualities. When building a classless character, you can quickly progress through many great skills and countless weapons by obtaining medieval armor, hats, axes and other implements. Since this character is well-rounded, they can defeat enemies easily with a range of skills. Constellations are important to the story of December. Each represents a single god and has a different strength index. You must upgrade constellations in order to strengthen the character. There are attractive summoned beasts that come from myths in December. These helpful creatures make the journey fun by fighting alongside the player.

The game's original setting.

One of the biggest draws of an MMORPG is its many game modes. Each one brings a different gameplay style and set of rules. January has a game mode where you can join eight players in battle to win. This mode is only available in PvP mode. In this mode, you'll have to fight through dark dungeons and challenge yourself in battles with demons.

Powerful graphics give the scene a dramatic modern edge.

As you move from one thrilling moment to the next, your experience with this game is constantly enhanced thanks to its Unreal Engine 4 technology. During the game's November battles, you're entertained by the chaos and bursts of color strewn across your screen. The focus of the narrative isn't in dazzling the audience; it's in creating an unadorned and restrained atmosphere. The Undecembers game interface and color scheme provide a cool effect. They allow the player to strategically direct magic lines that fly out of their character. This is because they are controlled by the player, appear at the right place, move in the right direction and are layered with symbolism.

Adding unique events to the plot makes it more appealing.

The theme of this mixed-modern mythology comes together nicely. It incorporates the passion people have for Greek and Norse mythology. The plot involves an ancient world where 12 gods symbolize goodness and build an empire called Traum. They carve out a magical world for themselves to live in and protect against any threats. Often interrupted by an appearance from the dark, the 12 gods peacefully maintained their order. Their days of peace came to an end, though, when the 13th god appeared. Everything then started spinning upside down as the other gods sought to escape the evil god's power. In order to defeat evil and seal its power, they had to trade sleep for perpetual peace.

Search for locations with mysterious pasts and battle your characters in battle.

When fighting in this land, you'll need diverse maps to observe. The game will immerse you in your character and have you fight like a real warrior with dangerous and sharp weapons. Additionally, thousands of years after the Traum empire was formed, descendants of the empire are able to recover their strength and summon back the 12 cursed gods. You must leave your home quickly to start a new mission. You cannot even take the time to enjoy your family during this time of war. You must travel far and wide to begin your new quest, and even when you return, things won’t be calm. Instead, the gods will return and usher in an age of chaos that will pave the way for the rise of evil. You need to prove yourself while completing this assignment or you’ll have little choice but to flee your country.ns.

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